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Dara Beevas Directs Excellent Reference Guide to Writers!
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Dara M. Beevas

Most of you know by now that I support Indie Authors activities in this exciting time when changes to the publishing world allow more and more writers to ensure their books are completed and available across the world! During my activities at Rainbow's End Publishing Company, I had the great experience to work with the author and publisher as she wrote a how to, entitled Self-Publish Your Book With Little or No Money! (Note that this book is now outdated. A caution to all for this type of book: Make sure the copyright is fairly new to ensure the latest information.)

Of course, it is a lot more work for Indies, isn't it? That's why I wanted to read and review Revolution by Dara Beevas. Because it is indeed a revolution that is happening as more and more writers choose the self-publishing road. I'm the type of individual that buys this type of book for my personal home library. Once writers start this road, an easy-to-use reference, in my opinion, is mandatory! And this book meets that criteria. Not only is it well-documented with a Table of Contents, Bibliography, and Index, it has further relevant information giving a glossary, resource directory, sample plans and directions on copyrighting. In fact, I should immediately add that this is also an excellent reference for any writer, because the entire process is shown and can help you follow your work through all the necessary steps no matter what route you choose in the publishing world.

I'm not going to spend too much time going over content. If you're a writer, I couldn't think of anything that was not.  included. On the other hand, I can praise Beevas for the quality and quantity of her information; that is, the book itself if very well done...beautiful cover, excellent spotlighting graphics and extra little detailed page highlights that show this individual knows what she's doing!

The second thing I noticed was that she was quick to point out that it is totally up to the self-published writer/author to set a high standard and to ensure that it happens! Kudos to the author for creating a reference tool, but also an excellent example of the quality readers expect in books, in her own published work!

Okay, here's the most important thing I personally learned and it is an exciting addition to the self-publishing process. Did you know  there is now what is called a "Mentoring Press?" The title itself is wonderfully welcomed I am sure. But let's  learn exactly what that means:
A hybrid publisher that guides authors with marketable manuscripts through the self-publishing process. Mentoring presses offer services for a fee that includes coaching, editing, book design, printing, publicity and distribution. Mentoring presses are often selective and emphasize the importance of editing and good design to create successful books.
If you have worked with hundreds of writers like I have, you soon realize that some know some things, but need help on other parts of the process...Knowing about this made reading this book totally worthwhile for me as a reviewer and responder to lots of process questions! Both advantages and disadvantages of this is provided in the Guide.

Little things mean a lot to me, given my business administration background, so I'll also thank Beevas for things like:

  • Providing signs that indicate when a publishing expert is not a true expert...
  • Providing "The Last Word" and "Indie Author Wisdom: throughout the book 
  • Providing same style sheet for submission of manuscript.
  • Perceiving the book as "a complete product requiring attention to every detail."
  • Reminding writers that galleys are printed while your book is with the proofreader!
  • Covering what POD means.
  • Including information on multiple writers, book pricing as well as credit card functions!
  • Marketing--reviews, complimentary copies {"A word to the wise: be strategic with your complimentary copies...}, and using the Internet as part of the selling process.
Writers, Authors and publishing staff, or service providers in publishing could all benefit from having this book on their resource shelf! Indies: A Must-Read! Get It!


Dara M. Beevas is a writer, editor, blogger, speaker and indie author. She mentors other indie authors as Vice President of Beaver's Pond Press, an award-winning mentoring publisher in the Twin Cities that has helped more than 600 indie authors self-publish. Her passion for authors and the indie author revolution led her to launch Wise, Ink, an online community for indie authors.
For most of her career, Beevas has worked in publishing. She was acquisitions editor for the American Chemical Society and has also worked at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She received her Master's Degree in publishing from George Washington University and was selected as an emerging writer by the Givens Foundation for African-American literature.
Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Beevas moved to Minneapolis in 2007 with her husband Tomme Beevas. The Twin Cities' writing community captivated her almost immediately. In her spare time she writes poetry, short stories, and is a speaker on the topic of self-publishing. She's reachable via her blog, LinkedIn, and @darairene on Twitter.

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