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Carolyn Arnold's First in Madison Knight Series Will Stump Readers!?!

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Her explanation made him go quiet for a while 
and then a huge smile engulfed his face.   
“That’s so touching, addy.” “What?” 
“You think of me as family.” 
 He moved forward to hug her but she laughed. 
“Oh shut up.”  She punched him in the shoulder. 
 He pretended to be in pain.  
“Here, take my coat and purse, would you.”
  She tossed them at him and he caught them. 
“Hey we even got you a gift.  
Not sure if you deserve it now.” 
“We agreed no gifts.” 
 They had discussed it at length—basically 
to save each other the regret of buying s
omething inferior and getting into a lengthy
 competition over it.  “You’ll
 need all your money for the baby.  
You should have saved it.”

She caught a glimpse of a chocolate lab puppy 
peeking around the doorway from the seating area.  
He had a red bow around his neck.  
She felt her chest tighten.
“Speaking of your gift…” 
Panic seized her.  
The responsibility, the hair… 

Terry bent to his haunches.  “Come here buddy.”
So you like him?” Madison didn’t know how
 to respond.  She had mixed emotions. 
“Well, hopefully he’ll grow on you,” 
Terry said with a laugh.  
“Oh, and just so you’re not too overwhelmed with 
responsibility.  I took one off your shoulders.” 
Madison raised her eyebrows. “I named him.” 
You named my dog?  She was in too much shock
 to verbalize her thought. 
“I’m sure you’ll like it.” 
Well if she didn’t she could always change it… 
 “Just don’t say it’s Fred—” 
“Hershey.” She was speechless.  
She loved it and it was so fitting.  She smiled..."


Ties That Bind:

  Madison Knight Series

By Carolyn Arnold

What would you think a female Michael Knight, from the Knight Rider TV series, would be like? Well, I'd guess she is very much like the new Madison Knight in Carolyn Arnold's books with Madison as the lead character! And I've, of course, automatically pictured her as a female version of Michael played by David Hasselhoff, of course!

But Madison is more sassy, so self-motivated,
dare I say she is so much more than the character David played?

Madison is a cop who wants to know the truth and has dedicated her life to her work, not even thinking--much--about having a home life. Coffee and Hershey Bars keep her going strong!

Fortunately, her partner, Terry Grant, does, and right now even more so, because his wife is no longer satisfied with having two dogs for her kids. So while they are fighting, Madison tries hard to play nice with her partner even though her internal thoughts demand that he put all of his thoughts, his time toward the latest case!

Which is really difficult, to say the least. Ok, I have to admit that I didn't have a clue about what was going on until it was too far along in the book for me to guess--I don't think that counts as my being able to claim I solved the mystery. Let me know if you do!

For this killer was doing some strange things that just didn't add up. Madison had picked up on a picture at the first crime scene and intuition told her that he was the guy, but forensics just was not helping to prove that!

The woman had been found in her bed, naked, with an expensive man's tie around her neck. She had been strangled with the tie. There was DNA and prints--all they had to do was match them, right?

But, there was also a picture of the victim with a man that they were having a difficult time identifying--even though he'd been seen by a number of witnesses where he had met and left with the victim, supposedly for the first time, and according to her former, but still sometime lover...

Of course, her lover was the one that everybody believed killed her--everybody except Madison...

The second woman was killed outside with no other signs of abuse except that she, too, had been strangled with the tie that still hung around her neck...

Finally, an older woman was found, probably in her 60s, and in her home. Again, the same type of expensive necktie had been used to kill her.

There didn't seem to be any connections between the three, so the men involved with all three were being investigated. But one of them had also been seen by witnesses at the second murder. Was he responsible for all of them?

So much evidence, so many reasons for the murders were being found, but no lines could be drawn to prove that only one was guilty...

Mystery and suspense lovers will find this a difficult case. Just when we think that it's all coming together and an arrest can be made, it all falls apart. But, not for long--Madison is still going with her gut intuition. You got it! She comes through for all, solves the case...and even gives us a peek at their Christmas celebration...which reminds me, this would be a great novel for somebody's Christmas stocking...Those who follow mysteries will love you for this one!

Here's one new fan of Madison Knight who recommends you meet her in Ties That Bind--with a title that forecasts exactly what happens! Whew! Fantastic Suspense! Don't Miss This One...


Carolyn Arnold was born in 1976 in the rural town of Picton, Ontario. Currently she lives with her husband of fifteen years and her two beagles in a city in Southwestern Ontario.

She has been an aspiring writer since her teen years when she began writing short romance novels. But as life has a way of doing, it can mute your dreams into the background and it wasn’t until 2007 when she was reunited with her love of the written word. Her drive to complete one novel, turned into several.

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