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Devil in Disguise by Heather Huffman Romantic Suspense Plus!!!

Heather Talks More About Trafficking...

"I just can't get over how dark these people are. Can they
be called people? They're monsters, and you know I've seen
a lot, babe. But the complete and total disregard for humanity's like all of the world's sociopaths decided to go into
business together and this is what they came up with,"
Richard mused...
"I can't help but wonder if I'd gone to the police with what
I knew if maybe even one girl could have been spared.
Maybe Julia could have been spared."
"Or it could have gotten you nowhere. It could have gotten
you killed. You remember what Veronica said--
most police departments don't have a clue what to do
with the slave trade. Unless you walked into a station
that happened to have a human trafficking unit, they
wouldn't have had the experience or bandwidth to do
anything about it." Rachel sat up to look him in the
eye. "At what point are you going to forgive yourself
for the decisions you made and simply move forward
from where we are now?"
"But what about the girl I heard scream?"...

Devil in Disguise

By Heather Huffman

Rachel Cooper had been fighting criminals for her entire career as a reporter, spotlighting areas of corruption whenever and wherever she found them!

But Conrad Langston, a man she had never forgotten, was back in town and when she saw him,
all of the old feelings came back, even though she never had time for relationships--even if he wanted to get back together. Then she had no choice--she didn't know who else to help when her mother had called crying that her sister was gone!

The police were no help, thinking she was just another run-away... Conrad had immediately reacted and went to be with her mother since he was closer. It was also Conrad who remembered that Rachel had once dated an FBI agent...

Jeff was happy to hear from her, but as soon as she explained about her sister, he let her know that his sister, Veronica would be on her way to her mother's place...Why? was the only thing Rachel could think of. But she soon found out!

Veronica came in with her husband. Both were on special assignments to try to infiltrate the trafficking of humans activity. And Rachel and Conrad quickly were totally caught up with what was now a major crisis...

But first they had to find Julia...

They had quickly determined that she had been involved online at Chatspace. And it was more than likely that she had made contact there and might have even met somebody deliberately. But Veronica was fairly certain that she was already in the hands of human traffickers and they knew that the first thing they did was drugged them heavily so that they would be immediately compliant...

Through the online chatter they began to find information... And they readied for finding her. Conrad had been involved, but they wouldn't let Rachel participate. But why was Conrad included? What could he do?

They did find Julia who was immediately taken to the hospital, having been seriously hurt, but still alive...

But Rachel wasn't willing to stop there, with getting her sister back... She wanted to go after them; and, yes, was willing to go undercover to do it!

Human Trafficking means high income and these individuals don't ever let anybody escape... Before long, everybody was on the run...

Readers will be right in the middle of one of the most dangerous activities now happening world-wide. How did we get into this situation? This novel is so realistic that you might think you are reading the news releases Rachel ultimately wrote! It is no longer people being brought into the United States--now our teens are captured to take back on the trip into other countries.  If you aren't aware, why aren't you? If you aren't aware, read this book.

The suspense of Conrad's involvement coupled with the potential of Rachel being recognized while undercover keeps readers on edge and at attention every step of the way. Even the bombing of the safe house didn't stop their efforts to cut down at least some of those operating in their area! The back cover claims that the novel "Passionate, engaging and poignant. Devil in Disguise entertains while raising awareness of modern day social issues. In my opinion, she succeeded!


Heather Huffman writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense with strong female leads who refuse to lose hope. She sees her books as a way to not only entertain, but to also raise awareness of the realities of modern day slavery. She shares the passion of her resilient heroines to make a difference, and so dedicates both her time and a portion of her book royalties to organizations that fight against human trafficking.

Heather was born and spent her early childhood in Florida, but now calls the beautiful state of Missouri home. Her greatest job, aside from writing, is to hit the road with her three boys for adventures unknown.

She is the author of Throwaway, Ties that Bind, Jailbird, Suddenly a Spy, Ring of Fire and Tumbleweed. You can find out more about her writing and charitable work on

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