Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen Takes Us Directly into Headlines!

Zoroastrian Fire Temple
"It took every bit of concentration Shea could muster to follow
what Gaspar and Neda were saying. He had been in such a
physical rush the last twenty-four hours, exercising his mental
faculties proved difficult. "Talib is Muslim," Shea said, trying
to follow. "What does he care about a Zoroastrian story and
"Neda again interjected to make it clear to Shea. "Zoroastrian
priests were highly respected by Muslim imams. They were
called the original 'people of the book.' Many take this to mean
the book of prayer. It actually translates better to the 'bearers
of record.' In other words, the people  who held the book of time.
And these priests were especially helpful to one, Imam Abu
Dawud. He is the imam who wrote the hadiths, or stories, about
the Mahdi's coming and the Apocalypse. It is his texts that the
Muslims look to and interpret from"...

Golden Dawn

By Thomas M.  Kostigen

There have been a number of writers offering books about religions, secret documents or artifacts, and end-time news, but none of them have been as satisfactory for me as Golden Dawn by Thomas M. Kostigen. Why? Because he has confronted the major divisive religious issues that have dominated the world for many years.

Even if a book is fiction, it nevertheless can provide important information and a better understanding of what is happening in today's world. The video below, for instance, is an exclusive, yet approved report on "the belief" that the time of the Mahdi is near.

For many, the actions by fanatics has caused much concern...I found Golden Dawn to be not only an exciting thriller but an informative possible alternative historical statement of what could indeed happen. After all, many of the past actions have been based upon what people believe whether true or not...

I was not earlier aware of the Mahdi, were you? And yet, a large population of the world has a similar, but totally different viewpoint, of what those end times may mean.

I applaud Kostigen for having the courage to propose a fictional account of what could be even now happening. His story places the Iranian President as the assumed Mahdi by a prominent member of that community. But, as there have been in the past, it could be just another fanatic! The only thing is that there are several points within the stated prophecy that have not yet occurred.

One of those is that a major event will involve fire...

What better way than to use a nuclear bomb to make that happen!

And that's how Irish Journalist Michael Shea became involved! He had been tracking his uncle for years because of his involvement in IRA bombing. So when he sees his uncle meeting with not only the Iranian President but a Chechen rebel, in an unusual place, he easily realizes exactly what could be their plan!

But as Michael tries to get closer, he is seen, his driver and friend killed when his car is blown up. Michael has no choice but to go on the run!

Coincidentally, at the same time, a young woman, who has been held captive for probable death has succeeded in finally opening the door of her jail! Only to be blocked by Michael as he takes advantage of the one open door which will hopefully lead to his being able to escape. Neda Ghazali is not happy to have her own escape stopped and demands to go with Michael. He knows he has many more options alone, but has no choice. And as they travel together, of course, we have to get a little romance started...

But, more importantly, Neda believes that the creation of the bomb is only one part to a larger plan that she has much more information on than Michael!

Neda is a member of the ancient sect of Zoroastrians--the Golden Dawn...

Two parallel story plots run concurrently--tracking down the creators of a bomb, as well as those who plan to use it to take over the world! Add romance! How much more exciting can it get?! And believe me, this page-turner doesn't stop and includes international actions beyond belief! I've already claimed this for my person "book of the year" even if the year isn't finished! If you miss it, you just may see references to many of the details in future headlines! Wow! I have to name it a must-read for thriller lovers! Enjoy and learn at the same time!