Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alert! Start Playing Beethoven ASAP To Keep Seirens Calm...

I just had to give you some type of warning! My computer started slowing down as soon as I started to read this book...I just know that it's been taken over because "they" don't want you to know about what's happened in Orphea! I learned from reading it, though, that if you play Grosse Fuge by the great master Beethoven, that the seirens can be least long enough to read my review!   ...I hope...

Fortunately, for me, I've been a fan of classical and most other types of music as far back as I remember but classical is still there at the top when I thing of music genres... Warren L. Woodruff, however, has seen the evolution of our music as the young are pulled in to dark, loud, angry shouting and screaming, that has deaden the beauty and joy that great music can bring. And brought us Dr. Fuddle...

And so it was in Orphea, the land of music and beauty, that loud, weird music was being played and the land was starting to die...

Children were being taken and were led into a land where everything beautiful was gone, and watched by creatures called Seirens--picture big cats with wings... The land was being taken over, led by Jedermann, who had stolen  the Gold Baton!

"Dr. Fuddle instructed Antonio to beat a measure
of three counts in preparation and they began to
play. By the third measure both creatures were
"Now it's time to bring out one of the fiercest
examples of counterpoint every conceived," Dr.
Fuddle said, placing another musical score onto
the stands. "This is called the Grosse Fugue
by Beethoven from his string Quartet in B-flat
Brace yourselves," Einstein said.
Dr. Fuddle motioned for Kathy to play her
viola and Leonard his cello. Then he brought
two other string players, with violins to join
The moment Christina stepped forward to watch,
the creatures began to shriek.
"Ready?" Dr. Fuddle said. "Play!"
That baton was now as black as Jefermann and all his seirens...

Now he was looking to steal ancient magical instruments that were being held...for the messengers! There had been a prophecy that Messengers of Music would come.

One day, Tyler Harrington decided to investigate an old, supposedly haunted, house near his home. He had always been warned by his mother to stay away before she died. But now, he was twelve and thinking that he was old enough now to explore, beginning by looking into a window.

Amazingly, Dr. Fuddle was sitting and playing a grand piano! Of course, Tyler didn't know who he was at the time, for he was so shocked that he ran... But he called a friend, who called two other friends, and Tyler took his sister, so that five children entered that old house that day...

And wound up choosing to enter the gold door...

Each had a talent that came along with one of those special musical instruments...

But there was magic and all things evil working against them to prevent them from helping to bring the joy of music back...

With a taste of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," "Harry Potter", and another much older story that has been shared over and over in many different ways of one who brought the spirit to fight evil, Warren L. Woodruff has given us the world where musicians live forever!

Meet Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart, et. al., plus all of the thousands of others who have played beautiful music that brings us joy and laughter--beauty and happiness. This literary musical masterpiece is a delightful way to introduce great music to our children and all those older...

And check online material to continue sharing that music! This is a brilliant masterpiece written by a man sharing his love in both word and his programs... And, by the way, you don't have to have a musical background to enjoy this... You might have to deal with Jederman and his seirens, though, a little longer... If you still hear them coming, I encourage you to play Beethoven's Choral Fantasy because Dr. Fuddle  is "proud to say with utter assurance to everyone within the sound of my voice: the light of harmony has destroyed our enemy."  Hey! Celebrate! Celebrate...Listen to the Music!


Dr. Warren Woodruff was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently lives and teaches in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Piano Performance and a Ph.D. in Musicology with a concentration in Piano Performance.

Dr. Woodruff is available world-wide for lectures, seminars and master classes. His specialties include presentations for children entitled "Meet the Composers with Dr. Woodruff" and a two-day seminar for all ages entitled "The classical Music Crash Course.

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