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Plundered Now Plundering? Stereotyping is Never Answer???

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This 21st century American plague manifests as a social cancer separating White
men from their children and family not by death; but by deformation. It is a systemic
social cancer that severs fathers' bonds to their biological children commencing before
their conception, through fatherhood and
past the grave...It is a false-positive test
result that brandishes white European men
as pathogens of nearly all America's and the globe's social maladies. It is a contrived
contagion synthesized to quarantine men...
Plundering the White
 European Men

By Philip A. Belcastro, Ph.D.

I read about half of this book and may have even enjoyed some of it...but not enough to continue reading, getting more angry...

There is no doubt that family is an all-important part of some people's lives. The way we are raised and lived as we were young made either a permanent impact, or it can also allow individuals to study and evaluate and perhaps disagree! I'm in that latter category, so even though there were family members who told us never to date Catholics...nor those of a different color... My first friends in junior high were two girls with whom I was close through graduation--one was a white Italian Catholic; the other an African-American...

When a writer decides to write a book, it of course can be about anything. Some write biographies, sharing about their lives; some write self-help, again sharing their lives, or, they might decide to write about perceived injustices, maybe even real ones. I've had such a book in me but never found a real reason to write it...surely not for catharsis! Nor for Revenge...

This author chose to write from various points of view--he as a son and father and he as a professor... Perhaps if the book had been written in parts, that would allow a perspective to be acquired and built I would have been ready to hear it. Instead, readers are going along reading a biography and then lambasted with statistics...about women and how they steal (plunder) from white  men...

Now if he would have told his story of how a "girl done him wrong" or specific ways in which he had been denied something...ok...While well written, the presentation has much to be desired...

Let's face it, from the time when American Indians first had land stolen that they had lived on for years and years,

Or the thousands of Africans who were stolen from their homelands and made slaves... people have plundered one another!

But that does not mean that every single individual of that sex, race, religion, etc., are like that. Statistics say what the researcher wants to say, thus supposedly proving a point...

In the Epilogue, the author says that 21st century American "is inoculated with a new ill to separate fathers from their wives, children, family and heritage...

Perhaps...but it was quite obvious to this reader that hating women was more the issue, at least in my opinion of what was read.

Hey, I wouldn't even attempt to argue anything in this book. I'll just say that, for me, I would be doing unto others as was done to me if I white european men... I challenge you that if you read this book, that you also read books by women, minority men and women, especially those written as self-help... And if you write a biography, don't condemn the whole opposite sex or race as part of your personal story. Just my opinion, of course...WWJD?

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