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Irving Greenfield's Epic Tale of Man's Early Civilization

English: Black Bear in the Great Smokey Mountains
"The bear drops down on all fours and begins to run toward the old man. He growls anrily. Then suddenly,when he is very close, he rears up on his hind legs again. I loose the arrow. The twang of the arrow as it
rushes through the air. I nook another arrow and let
it fly! The first arrow has lodged in the throat of the
bear. His last growl is more like a sream...
"I am still not sure that I have killed him. I leap up
from behind the old man, and with my spear in my
hand I run toward the stricken animal shouting: "I
Ronstrum, have killed you; Ronstrum the hunter...I
Ronstrom have opened your body to free your spirit!"
"I pull my spear free. A stream of blood as thick as my
arm pours out of him. He rolls on his side. He is dead
or dying. I drop my spear and with my knife I quickly
slip open his belly. To lessen the bite of the wind I rub
his hot blood on my body. Even as I skin the animal, his heart is still beating. But by the time I have wrapped the hot bloody skin around me, his heart has stopped..."

 Black Bear in the Great Smokey Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ancient of Days:

 The Chronicles of Ronstrum
   the Builder

By Irving A. Greenfield

Long ago when man was just beginning to find his place in a strange world, Ronstrum The Hunter was strong and swift in finding food, while others lamented their lack, failing even to capture the squirrels, rabbits...and rats that were even growing more scarce.  Ronstrum had been tracking a bear this time and while he was deciding when to attack, the bear took notice of him--but also of another nearby...

Ronstrum's nose centered in on what animal might also be nearby, but soon narrowed it down to man. Then he saw him, an old man whose stink carried across the winds. Ronstrum would use him as bait!

And as quickly as he had killed the bear, the old man claimed a part of that bear! Ronstrum learned that he was a priest for The Giver of Life, although Ronstrum did not know what that meant... Still he was not interested in sharing the meat with the priest--he was like the other old man who complained, but did nothing to help himself. Still, when the old man bowed his head in prayer, Ronstrum wanted to know what he was doing and then relented to cook and share some of the meat...

Ronstrum, however, was not to stay only a hunter, The old man talked of the old days when food was plentiful and then told of how a wager had been made--between The Giver of Life and The Keeper of Darkness...

Later he told him many stories until Ronstrum was ready to sleep, but the old man began again, telling him of a cave--a cave where a talisman could be found. He told him that it would make him stronger, braver and wiser than all others. Yet Ronstrum asked if it would keep meat available?!

But he found more than a talisman there in that cave...

A voice spoke "Ronstrom!"

He tried to run away, but is frozen by fear...and heard:

"You must gather the people to you...if they are to survive, Ronstrom, and become greater than they once were, they must follow you...tell them that you spoke to The Giver of Life; tell them that, Ronstrom."

Then The Giver of Life told him that he was to build what he saw...

But Ronstrom exclaimed that he was not a building--he was a hunter! Then foolishly asked for a sign...

Ronstrom was in darkness when he was picked up from the floor and flung into the tunnel, then tumbling toward the entrance...

He had been given his sign.

This is the story of how Ronstrum became a builder. It was not something that he wanted or felt he was qualified to do. And there were those who would fight against what he had been told to do, with many battles and deaths. But he works on, until we finally acknowledges..."I am Ronstrom, the Builder.."

Have you ever wondered what had happened before the birth of Christ, long before there were towns, buildings, roads, etc. This epic novel may just answer those questions of how and who was that first builder on earth....If it didn't happen the way Irving A Greenfield has shared, it's the best story that I've read to explain it! Highly recommended for those wondering about the true ancient days of man... Believable, Realistic, and enjoyable!


Irving A. Greenfield was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was a youthful runaway, a merchant seaman, and a soldier during the Korean War, after which his writing talent burst into print. His work has appeared in a variety of media.

Many of his books are now available as eBooks at Amazon and other sites...

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