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Christine Whitehead Gives Us Winner for Readers!

"She broke the silence. "So, why do you think we haven't become
lovers?" Without looking at him, she quickly added, "I mean,
we're both free and over the age of consent, as they say. We like
each other. We're here. Why do you think it hasn't happened?"
"Dead Silence.
"Connor flushed, but Archer was still on her back and couldn't
see him. He turned to his side. Putting a hand on her shoulder,
he pulled her to her side to face him. They were looking at each
other, but neither spoke for several minutes. Finally, Connor said,
"Well that was a surprise."
"He waited for her to comment, but she said nothing.
"Uh, just for the record, was that a pass?"
"No, I was just curious--you know, from a sort of academic point
of view."
"Connor gazed at her and said, "Academic interest, huh? Okay,
well, fine. Look, in case you were wondering but didn't want to
ask--although that's hard to imagine--and just for the academic
record that we're setting straight here, I'm not gay, or impotent,
or infirm, or taken." Connor paused, weighing his words...

Tell Me When 
  It Hurts

By Christine M. Whitehead

When I read that Tell Me When It Hurts was the 2009 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention Winner for Fiction – General, I wasn't the least bit surprised. I don't know the competition for that, but I do know that this novel was one that I truly enjoyed reading. One of the reasons for me was that the author allowed readers to enjoy and watch a new relationship develop--and sex played such a small part... No jumping into bed right away because the book is only so long. LOL

Seriously, it was refreshing to watch a relationship develop slowly while the two characters took their time getting to know each other, to have fun together, and to begin to share about their lives. And they both had heartache in their pasts to keep them just as skittish as their horses could be at times!

And for this couple, Archer Loh especially, there was much in her life that she had to deal with. In order to live with the trauma, she withdrew from her life and bought a cabin up in the hills and woods. Hmmm, that sounds like exactly what I did, and am still living in my cabin. 

But Archer had experienced something far worse than most of us. Her young daughter had been murdered...

So Connor, seeing the cabin as simply the house next door, even though he was living in a tent, came knocking on her door, friendly-like...LOL Let's just say that Archer was not ready to invite him in...

But when he was away from his tent, she had discovered that he had brought a horse with him, a pinto that she quickly made friends with and began to visit while he was gone.

Connor owned a sheep farm in another state but was there to check out about 300 acres adjacent to Archer's cabin. He was there to walk the land and see if he would use or sell it. And while he never commented, he had noticed that Archer was spending time with his horse, Millie.

It was fun to watch the two of them, especially as Connor was prone to joke with Archer, mostly to get her to react! I loved the exchange and the day-by-day developments...

Too bad about Connor's unwillingness to accept her part-time job...

For a short time after college, Archer had worked for the government and had been selected for a special department. She had learned much about weapons, strategic planning and other mission-oriented responsibilities. But she had decided not to continue. She had been happily married before her daughter was killed. And maybe she would have slowly been able to get over it, except the man who had killed her got off on a technicality! As Archer left that day, somebody gave her a contact number and she later joined a group, who had members with similar events in their lives. A group that provided justice when the courts failed...

Do you remember the movie, Long Kiss GoodNight? It has always been one of my favorite movies and in a few ways, this novel reminded me of the storyline. Geena Davis would make a perfect Archer Loh and with the different twists in the novel, this certainly would make a thriller both exciting and ultimately fulfilling as the ending of this story provides.

If you missed this one earlier, like I did, hey, please check it out--it's on Kindle too... I didn't get too much into the horses in my review, but those who love horses will especially enjoy this. The slow pace makes this so tantalizing as Whitehead makes readers wait to see how and whether Archer will find her way back to allowing her emotions to return. I'm one of those who call it a reader's favorite, you might find that it's for your bedside stack to be read! Enjoy!


Christine M. Whitehead is a life-long resident of New England and a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She attended the University of Connecticut Law School and has practiced divorce law in Hartford, Connecticut for over twenty-five years. Her books always have dogs and horses and romance in them as all three are my passions. My novel Tell Me When It Hurts is about second chances and healing.

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