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Melinda Leigh's She Can Tell Hot on Hit Debut Novel!

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She Can Tell

By Melinda Leigh

She Can Run, by Melinda Leigh has gone over sales of 100,000 copies, and if you haven't yet read it, click over to read my review! Now she's back with her second, She Can Tell,  which is due out December 4th. Although not a series with the same characters, there is a farm/theme running in both stories thus far. Both are packed with the romantic thrills we love however, so if that's for you, I recommend this latest one as well!

"In a lucky spell of moonlight, the Watcher navigated
the tributary that connected the Blue River that flowed
near Rachel's farm with Lost Lake. He crossed the
calm lake, secured his aluminum boat, and hurried
up the dock to his cabin. Everything was fine. Rachel
hadn't even gotten a glimpse of him. Even if she had
turned around in time, the shadow under his brimmed
camouflage hood concealed all his features. Planning
things down to the smallest detail was essential.
"She didn't know it was him."
He had always watched her, so much so that he felt he had a relationship with her--that she cared for him.

So her husband had to go...

But there was a little girl there that night--she saw what happened...and he had led her away and hid her...so that she became so afraid...she forgot what had happened...

Now Rachel Parker was, in essence, returning to the scene of that crime.

An accident had stopped all riding activities, which meant her career. So she had returned to the family farm and was doing individual training of young student riders.

But then accidents started to happen...

And, you know, that while Rachel had been away for a long time, that has not stopped him...from watching... so that we watch as he watches, his latest...who was somebody else's wife...

Now he used all of the electronic gadgetry available to help!

The thing about a stalker novel is whether or not it keeps the reader in suspense. Leigh has the skill to do that through her writing. It is just edgy enough to keep us guessing, even though we are privy to the thoughts and actions of The Watcher...

While the suspense keeps you wondering, the romance keeps us much more intimately involved. Add the local police chief, Mike O'Connell--ok, that may be somewhat standard for the male lead, but if he's clearly written and you can enjoy him, I don't mind a bit! I mean, a guy who will sit in his SUV all night to ensure I'm safe and there to protect me...

That's a turn-on in itself, right? But there was also that instant passion that sometimes happens between two people that makes it really fun to watch as one or the other, in this case, Mike, tries to keep his mind on the job. LOL... Myself, I enjoyed the protective side so that when the danger increased, Rachel's thoughts turned more and more to needing and wanting Mike there...

This is the kind of novel that you can quickly fall into deeply with the author taking you through every bit of tension and delight that you may want. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the escape... Highly recommended if that's what you're looking for!


Melinda Leigh abandoned a career in banking to become an award-winning author of romantic suspense fiction and paranormal romance. Her debut novel, She Can Run,
was nominated for an International Thriller Award for Best First Book.

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