Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Incoming: The Gold Machine!

The Gold Machine, by S. G. Craft, coming in soon for a Review: Click title for Barnes and Noble Info!

Who could resist investing in a machine that will extract unlimited amounts of gold from commom dirt? Amanda Edwards and four others become secret partners and before they can cash in, the machine is missing and the inventor is dead. Amanda and two partners pursue the bad guys to retrieve the machine and drawings for it throughout the western US ending up in the Salt Lake City area. The story concludes in the mountains outside ofProvo, Utah in a firey crash.


A young investigative reporter, Amanda Edwards, finds herself involved in the murder case of her former professor and mentor. Professor Parsons, a brilliant mathematician, has invented a machine that separates eight elements from every day compounds; one being gold.
Five investors, including Amanda, invest in the gold machine. Their plan is to lease the machine to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis will pay high prices to turn their land into beautiful gardens, as the gold machine desalinates water one hundred times faster than any device. When they've collected enough money, a second machine will be built and used in the U.S. to clean toxic waste sites.

A date is set for the Professor to demonstrate the machine to the partners. Two days before their meeting, he is found dead, 600 miles from the demo location. Where is the machine? Where is his briefcase? Where are the drawings for the gold machine? Amanda faces challenges: Find the killer or killers. Secure the gold machine. Locate the missing plans. Clear the Professor's name. Stay alive.

ISBN: 0615240062
ISBN-13: 9780615240060
Format: Paperback
Publisher: First Impressions Last Press
Pub. Date: September 2008

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