Friday, March 20, 2009

Book Bloggers - Check out New Blog Roll!

Would you be interested in participating in a Writers Network (blogroll) that will increase your blog’s ranking with Google? If you consider the fact that 60% of all internet traffic goes through Google, it can only help.

We are looking for literature blog writers to place the blog roll at the bottom of their page - in the footer. If we get enough participants it will increase your links exponentially. The way it works is Google bots will see your link on every participating book blog and consider your site a significant entity. For example, if we get 20 partners then you get 20 backlinks.

We have tested this strategy and it seems to work.

Go to the bottom of and you will see how unobtrusive the blog roll will be. Ask yourself, how many readers actually scroll all the way down to the bottom of the front page? It can only help.

This blogroll will be limited to literature sites. If you know other book bloggers, invite them as well.

If you are interested, send over a confirmation with your blog name. Also, you will need to put this in the footer.

Once I verify it, I will place your name in the blog roll and you will immediately get backlinks.



Hey Readers! I'm sure you recognize the site name for New Fiction! If not, see my review on the site itself as well as reviews for two of the books there (here on my blog)

I did exactly what Tom said, I posted the above info on my blog at the bottom...and then I wrote to Tom at Tom@NewFiction.Com and he handled it from there...

Check it out on my blog, below, or on Tom's as mentioned above....You can link to NewFiction.Com by clicking the title of this announcement!

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