Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Join Me in Writing! Celebrate Poetry Month!

Some of you may have seen when I have written a responsive poem to someone else's poem. Would you like to try it? I'm going to write a poem in response to the following, which is the latest from Thomas Kemp, known as YourPoetIs and the title of his latest book of poems. Who knows, some of your words might be found in his next book... Are we good enough to get published? Let's try it. Just use the comments section...or send me your responsive poetry to IPBookReviewer@aol.com

And, please, this is for fun! Enjoy yourself! Poems will be accepted and published in this blog through the month!

And by the way, look for other poems to be highlighted during April. Do YOU have a favorite poem to share??? Send it to me! Celebrate the Month!

The house was as cold as the night air.
Snow had been falling for as long as we had been lying
Next to each other we were a pair, a couple of lovers.
We were fit for any story about love.

As you brush the snow from my face with your long hair,
I felt your fingers wipe my tears.
Does passion have a sister or a mother
As lovely as you had become to me?

Where I was cold you were hot and where I was hot you were…
Lost in the darkness of the Moonless hours
Trying to cover your nakedness, worrying about the time
I made just one mistake, telling you to hurry.

Be safe now, and hurry again to my face,

hurry and come to me
Forgive my loud sounds; my rushing kisses…

please, remember me.

Thomas kemp/poet

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