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Review: Diary of an Oxygen Thief

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Diary Of An
  Oxygen Thief

This book--diary--might be somebody's true story. It might be yours. We'll never know. I can only tell you as a reviewer of Diary Of An Oxygen Thief, it resonates with the pain, the discouragement, the frustration of somebody who had lived this story.

DIARY OF AN OXYGEN THIEF By AnonymousThe book starts with this sentence: "I liked hurting girls."

He proceeds to explain that he doesn't abuse them physically, clearly stating that he'd never hit a girl in his life.

No, he does much worse. He works very hard to have them fall in love with him. If you were his current victim, he would listen to you carefully, find out all about you. He would learn your likes and dislikes. He would make love to you in every possible way. Until you loved him... Yes, you would be totally in love with him...

And then he would turn on you.

Verbally abusing you as he watched the shock in your eyes, enjoying the hurt he saw there. Perhaps he'd tell you about being with another woman. Or he might sit there talking about how he was disgusted with this or that about you... It was perfectly legal, even if he was killing you, with his words!

He was also an alcoholic...

Did that give him the proper excuse? Maybe not, but he started going to AA and turned his life around... And he fell in love!

She was the type of woman who like hurting boys...and even had others to help!

All I can say is that Diary Of An Oxygen Thief is a fascinating journey. Readers quickly hate the main character until he has stopped drinking. He seems to be totally recovered and trying to make a new life, until he meets her. The one who liked hurting boys...

Only you can decide whether this book is for you. Frankly, I think counselors, psychologists, and other abuse supporters should consider it a must-read. The back cover says "Hurt people hurt people." This book is a "very real account of what we do to each other and what we allow to have done to us." No matter what your background, your past. You will find something to remember from this book, perhaps even, something that is already haunting you and will continue to do so. Read it and face Reality... Your Reality?

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