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Review: Does A Need For Forgiveness Hold Somebody From Crossing Over?

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Flaherty's Crossing

By Kaylin McFarren

Champagne Books
ISBN: 9781926681191
269 Pages

When Kate and Drew went to find the diner where she had talked to Mick, it was closed and had been boarded up and deserted for decades...

Flaherty's CrossingAuthor Kaylin McFarren, added a personal note to the back of Flaherty's Crossing that she had started to write as personal therapy after losing her beloved Father. Readers will be happy that she took this path, because it turned into a beautifully written novel that already has and will touch many lives!
Kate Flaherty had become somewhat estranged from her father. Sure, she had lived with him, but after her mother had died, he had withdrawn and become distant. His job as a trucker didn't help since he was always either coming or getting ready to leave home. Kate's mother's sister, Aunt Sophia, had moved into their home to take care of the family.

Now Kate is married, but she believed that her husband Drew had become involved with another woman and they have been struggling for a future direction for their marriage.

But then Kate was called to the deathbed of her father and, reacting immediately, Kate left to go to her father, leaving no note, thinking she would be back soon. Little by little, Kate had been listening to her father as he talked, thinking Kate was his wife. The morphine seemed to act like a truth serum and he talked more and more about his love for her and how he had missed her. Finally, it was time for him to sleep and Kate started home--only to be forced to take a detour.

As she took the old road, it began to look familiar. Suddenly a large deer was on the road directly in front of her and she had to swerve and lost control of her car. The cell phone didn't work. She couldn't get the car back on the road. She would be forced to walk some place, and then remembered a diner she thought was near, that her Dad had taken her to, many years ago, when things were still happy. She stumbled on, trying to find it...

Drew had come home and found Kate gone. He had left a message that they needed to talk--had she heard it and was just not interested enough to be there? Frustration mounting the longer he was home, finally he packed a bag and went to the home of his friend, Brian. Brian's older sister was the woman who Kate was worried about, even though they had never been intimate. But When Drew arrived at his friend's house, Lindsey was there, having just come out of the shower...

While Drew struggled with this temptress who was quite open about her interest in him, Kate had reached the diner. Mick was working there and just about to close up, but he offered her a cup of coffee, noting that the phone wasn't working there either. He did say, though, that his wife was due to pick him up soon and that they would give Kate a ride... Little by little Mick got Kate talking, and she was sharing so much with this complete stranger. That is, until he started to make her a sundae and she tried the phone herself and saw that it was not even connected to the wall!

Kate ran, trying to find her way back to her car, hoping Mick was not following!

The story is far from over! Kate's wallet had been stolen from her car and she felt that someone was following her--perhaps Mick? But who was Mick? He had seemed so wonderful and she had shared so much with him. Was she now in danger?

Kaylin McFarren has created a story that will leave you to decide the ending. Was it true? Did Kate really spend time with Mick? And why was she finding out all about her father, after he had died and she could no longer talk to him? Personally, I choose to believe... exactly what was told! How about you, readers, do you have faith that sometimes the dead will speak to you?

Flaherty's Crossing is a story about forgiveness--and so much more! Highly recommended by this reviewer!

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