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Review: Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri Provides Scary Twist!

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By Terry Chaudhuri

Schiel & Denver Publishing
ISBN: 9781849030281
234 Pages

Believe me, after you read Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri, you might think twice about being a witness for the Prosecution. Don't even think about accepting "protection" through the Witness Protection Program!

Derek and Jimmy had been friends since they were boys. Derek's father was a cop so Derek spent much time with Jimmy and his family. Indeed, when his father was shot, protecting the boys, Derek was taken into their home. Derek had always planned on becoming a cop--and to solve his father's murder. Jimmy wanted to enter law enforcement too; however, he first attended college and then joined the FBI.

Immediately after joining, he was sought after by a small internal group who handled the protection of government witnesses, after the trial, when they were to enter the witness protection program, move to another location and be provided a new home, identity and a new life. It was Jimmy's job to take the witnesses to their new home, so he traveled most of the time.

Jimmy and Derek met every once in awhile too busy at their careers to be as close as they once were. Finally, though, they were brought together on one case...trying to once again bring Victor Lazano to justice! But something had happened to Derek since he and Jimmy had sworn to revenge and imprison the man who had murdered his father...

Derek had fallen in love...

And he found out she was the wife of Victor Lazano!

Deciding what to do was one of the hardest things that Derek had ever faced, but he talked to Rebecca who agreed to testify against Victor, then Derek talked to his boss and he, in turn, brought in the FBI.

But Jimmy didn't want Derek to convince Rebecca to testify, knowing that she would have to go into Witness Protectiion... And Derek wanted to know why Jimmy wouldn't help her since he was a major player with the witnesses...

Anything, anywhere can be corrupted by those who place money and power as their personal priorities. Terry Chaudhuri, in Into Protection, has twisted something good, has shown how the innocent can be pulled into a life that they hadn't planned on, with no way out... The drama showing two blood brothers growing, loving each other, and moving into separate lives is both a sad but valuable lesson and, for readers, an explosive set of life's incidents that are pulled together to spell thrilling action and suspense for readers! Highly recommended!

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G, A, Bixler

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