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Review: Naughty Bits...

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Naughty Bits:

An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction

Spice Books
ISBN: 9780373605415
9 Stories
392 Pages

According to several sources, erotica is the hottest genre in publishing today--I don't know whether that is literally or figuratively, but apparently, for volume, there are many more books being published than in the past. Many writers enjoy writing short stories, but that means that you may have to submit for an available anthology being planned, hopefully that could use your short story.
Naughty Bits 2: An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction

Recently I noticed that the Vine had Naughty Bits, so for a little bit of variety I requested it for review. The key issue in an anthology is that there is a variety of topics, writers, and storylines, all of which may or may not be interesting to you. But, with the added touch each story gives you, when erotica is included, you may find something of interest even if you don't like the storyline.

Ok, I admit that I found one story that I simply loved--"Medusa's Folly" by Alison Paige. Imagine, if you will, a goddess who has been changed so that a man cannot look directly into her face. Remember she's the one with the snakes!

What is a girl to do?! Well, in all of her travels around the city, one day Medusa notices high upon on a building a gargoyle that looked quite different from others on the building. In fact, it seemed to include something that just might be--could it be?

Well, that woman climbed up onto the roof, slipping and sliding until she could reach this particular gargoyle. She was right! It had....oh my goodness!   Well, it would be difficult, but she maneuvered her way down to where she could sit on his lap! Here was a man whose face was already stone. She leaned in and kissed him...and then so much more!

Now obviously I can't share on each and every story, but here are the titles: Chance of a Lifetime by Portia Da Costa, The Priestess by Elliott Mabeuse, Taken by Lillian Feisty, Favor Me by Jenesi Ash, Primal Instincts by Cathryn Fox & Lisa Renee Jones, This is What I Want by Megan Hart, Improper Pleasure by Charlotte Featherstone and Caught in the Act by Saskia Walker.

One thing I noticed in this Anthology was that a number of the stories had multiple chapters, which does not often occur, as you may be aware. Erotia is meant to be short and on point for those who have not read it before, and, in my opinion, it is always for adults only. I enjoyed these longer stories and found myself more involved with the storyline.

One other story caught my attention given the ever-increasing blog writing these days. In "This is What I Want," a young woman who has an erotic guessed it...tells readers exactly what she wants. Some of these blog entries were included in the story. You might also find that there was a moral to this story...namely, that there is no security in what you write online...and there just might be someone who knows exactly who is behind the screen telling everybody...this is what I want...LOL

There is a little bit of everything in this book...from ancient times to modern, there is always somebody writing about it...right? So if you enjoy erotica, I think that you will indeed enjoy Naughty Bits: An Anthology of Short Erotic Fiction. Erotica is always a bit of fun, don't you think?

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