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Andrew Feder

Author House
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2316-4 (e)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2314-0 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2315-7 (hc)
358 pages (includes front and back matter)

Spirit, by Andrew Feder, is a short but appropriate title for this intriguing and mesmerizing novel. Most of us have heard of “near death” experiences where the soul leaves the body, sees its human form from above and then reenters the body, returning to the world of the living. Well, in this exciting story, we are going to meet Randall Lender, who deliberately leaves his body; it is his latest project that starts out well but has an unwelcome happening. His soul ends up in the body of an accused murderer—an assassin—named Johnny McKenzie aka Johnny M. At the same time, it is reported that the infamous Randall Lender is in a deep coma.

What would you do if you were a young female attorney whose client keeps insisting that he isn’t Johnny McKenzie but is simply occupying his body? This is what Sandy Patea faces as a young attorney whose extreme good looks and lack of any real experience has hindered her legal career. As a public defender, she is always given the “bottom of the barrel” cases and this one is no different since her supervisor tells her exactly how to handle the case—there is to be a plea bargain. On top of that, the Marzottis, the Italian mob of Los Angeles, warns her that they want this whole mess with Johnny settled quickly as he had been working for them. They did not want the assassin in the limelight any longer than absolutely necessary.

Let’s get back to Randall Lender whose beliefs have created a lot of controversy. Obviously, he has supernatural abilities, but knows he needs the help of Ali, his mentor, in order to get out of this murderer’s body and back into his own. Randall had been teaching others about love and self-respect, also emphasizing the fact that religious institutions were using guilt and fear to hide real truths. This same manipulation was also being used by the government—the Guilders—and since Randall was a threat to those planning the new world order, Ali believes there is a conspiracy to get rid of him. Sandy learns most of this information from Ali whom she visits in Vegas, ignoring the wishes of her supervisor. She also meets Randall’s teenaged daughter named Rachel. Ultimately, Sandy is convinced that the murderer she is to defend is, in realty, Randall Lender, who is trapped in Johnny’s body.

Sandy learns that Randall is a WARRIOR of the LIGHT, part of the LIGHT FORCE and that his weapon against the DARK is LOVE. Only after defeating the DARK WARRIOR will he be able to return to his own body. And what a battle it turns out to be! Readers will be turning the pages with excitement and anticipation.

In writing this review, I’ve given readers only a glimpse of the entire storyline. There is mystery, romance, sex, tragedy and knowledge of the spirit world. In addition there are other interesting characters—including an angel—who are vividly described. Readers, through the power of the Internet and Sandy’s desire to hear Randall’s real voice, listen to one of his prior speeches, thereby learning much about his beliefs. If his soul isn’t able to return to his own body, at least his young attorney will have heard his real voice.

There are many shocking surprises before the storyline reaches its powerful conclusion. I am convinced that those who purchase this book will want to read other works by this author. He is an excellent writer and very skilled with background description and effective dialog. I recommend Spirit as a “must read.”

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Reviewers

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Note from BRH: Thanks so much to Bettie E. Tucker for sharing her wide and diverse skills in the publishing world...She got 2 months here, by the way, because she happens to be the best friend in the world of the woman who shares this blog with you! And what a mess she introduced me to! LOL You can thank her or tell her she never should have brought me into the publishing world! You decide!

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