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Blood Ransom

Mission Hope Series

By Lisa Harris

ISBN: 9780310319054
317 Pages

Blood Ransom (Mission Hope Series)Professionally they made a good team--Natalie Sinclair worked to eliminate diseases in Dhambizao and Chad Talcott was a doctor volunteering at a small clinic there. How they met and came together is an adventure that quickly pulls you into Lisa Harris's latest novel, Blood Ransom.

Joseph Komboli had come to Natalie for help; he had just witnessed the destruction of his Village, his family and friends abducted. The Ghost Soldiers were real! But Joseph was hurt and she forced him to go to the clinic with her before anything else!

There had been many rumors about Soldiers coming to take human laborers to work as slaves for the mines. Joseph had watched as they killed the ones unable to work and made the others move off ahead of them. Joseph had, however, just returned from a visit with his uncle who had given him a special wonderful gift, a camera. Now he would use that gift to capture and record the truth!

Having those pictures brought about a chase that led Natalie, Chad and Joseph through danger and death. Both Chad and Natalie were caught up--in each other first, and then into local events that had never been proven. Now with the pictures, if they could be used properly, it could result in the freedom of all those who had been enslaved.

All Joseph thought about was finding his family before they killed them like they had his grandfather!

But Joseph had also heard a snatch of conversation while he took those pictures. "The president will be taken care of...only four more days until we are in power." Something must happen before the scheduled election took place or the president might indeed be assassinated!

Harris lives with her family in Mozambique, Africa, where they are missionaries. She writes with an indepth knowledge of the people, the setting, and highlights the slave trade happening there. She challenges readers throughout the book--Where is God in this chaos? Will their prayers, their pleas to Him be answered?

Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris is an excellent adventure novel that shows how God uses us to work His miracles. Faith in action is a clear message in this exciting story!

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