Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: Find Yourself - From Guest Book Reviewer Bettie Tucker!

Find Yourself:

A True

  Inspirational Story
  and Self-Help Guide

John Mitchell

Xlibris Corporation—50 pages
ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4415-9993-3
Softcover 978-1-4415-9992-6
EBook 978-1-4415-9994-0

Find Yourself by John Mitchell is a compact but very helpful book. The design and layout is exceptionally creative and perfectly suits the information that the author conveys in this true story. Yes, it is a self-help book; however, it also tells the personal story of a young man named Michael who achieves success after being released from lock-down time in a mental hospital. As the administrator of a new program, the author, who is a counselor, chooses 38 clients from four different lock-down facilities to participate in a new and challenging program. Michael is almost deprived of this opportunity, but the author makes sure that this doesn’t happen. Readers are presented with a brief summary of how the self-improvement program works and what is expected of the clients.

Throughout the book we are given glimpses of Michael’s life and come to understand what all he endures before he finally receives the help of John Mitchell so that he can “find himself.” He has to overcome feelings of abandonment, depression, addiction, abuse, fear, grief, low self-esteem, etc.

Before the author begins the latter part of the book, which is written to help his readers deal with life-stealing issues, we get to witness the inner courage of Mr. Mitchell as he battles cancer and makes serious decisions in regard to his health. Throughout all of this, readers will see just how much his clients mean to him—especially Michael. His health permits him to see some of the clients graduate, but he is in the hospital for Michael’s “big day.” But they will meet again, and the author hopes that one day this special client will know that he wrote this book and that he will read it.

After reading the “Self-Help Guide,” readers will have a valuable resource to assist them in improving their own lives. I found the chapters dealing with grief and depression to be particularly helpful.

Find Yourself is a book that is easy-to- understand, tells a heartwarming story, and provides sound advice. I highly recommend it to readers of this review.

Bettie Corbin Tucker
Independent Professional Book Reviewers

May 19, 2010

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