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Review: A Bad Day For Pretty by Sophie Littlefield - 2nd in Exciting New Series!

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The devastation of the tornado that hit Sawyer County included the uncovering of a woman whose body had been buried under a building...

A Bad Day For Pretty:
A Crime Novel

By Sophie Littlefield

Minotaur Books
ISBN: 9780312559755
292 Pages
A Bad Day for Pretty: A Crime Novel 
From the front cover that gives an excellent idea of what our main character does every once in awhile, to the end of the story, I believe you will love this book as much as I did! A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield is the second book written by Ms. Littlefield, but here is one reader who hopes that there will be many bad days to come! I've already ordered A Bad Day for Sorry, Littlefield's first book...

Stella Hardesty was once a victim of an abusive husband...that is, until she decided she had had enough and killed him!

Now she helps other women who are in trouble. No she doesn't kill them, she just gives them a little bit, or a lot, if necessary, of what they've given to their spouse, preferably using her favorite bat!

The fun thing about the storyline is that even though she's on the shady side of the law, she is very attracted to Goat Jones...the "Sheriff!" Now that's living a little dangerously, don't you think? But from what I read about Goat's looks, can't say I can blame her...

Stella was having a cozy dinner with Goat that he had prepared, and she was hoping for something more when Goat's wife knocks on the door! The interactions between the three of these individuals throughout the book added greatly to its enjoyment. Goat thought he was divorced, had been acting on that assumption for about three years...but then realized that, she was right, the final papers had never been signed!

Added to that trio are Chrissy and her son Tucker, who calls Stella, "Sow" and steals her rubber clogs... Tucker had been kidnapped months ago and Stella had helped Chrissy rescue him. They had become close and now Chrissy was working with Stella.

Another tornado had hit and this time, it had a former client calling because her husband was being held  by the Sheriff.  Nebuchadnezzar Donovan was the lone man who had responded favorably to Stella's  program for spouse beaters and she considered him fully rehabilitated, so she was quite willing to help, even if she had to face Sheriff Jones not too long after his wife had reappeared...

Now Stella knew that Neb had once been addicted to a pain medication, which was known to have side affects, so she decided that she really should talk to his doctor to verify whether hallucinations or loss of memory could be part of the issue. Why? Well, Neb had built that building that had been demolished by the storm...but he sure didn't remember burying no woman underneath the building!

Of course, things get even more complicated when Goat's wife former live-in lover comes to town and torches her car...and surprisingly, she calls Stella to come help her!

Seriously, if this sounds like one screwed up bunch of characters, well, you are partially right...but mostly you will find lots to love about them...I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, you're right... but there is also a murder mystery to be solved and Stella had a major role in solving that case!

Do you enjoy the every-day hero or heroine that is there to help out the underdog, in whatever way it is needed, then you really must take some time to meet Stella in A Bad Day For Pretty by Sophie Littlefield. Fun characters and dialogue along with a solid mystery to solve...What's not to love!

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G. A. Bixler

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