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Wonderful Fantasy Ghost/Time Travel Mystery by Casi McLean

At the base of the Chestatee River, North Georgia, May 24, 1865 
Isabelle O’Neal wiggled her toes in the squishy mud. A cool trickle seeped through, soothing her swollen feet. She loved sitting by the water’s edge, watching the ebb and flow sparkle reflected sunbeams across the river. But today necessity took precedence over pleasure. Her very life hung in the balance. She squeezed her eyes, drawing in a deep breath filled with the scent of spring flowers drifting on the breeze. Holding the air a moment before slowly releasing, she centered her thoughts. In the distance, pounding hooves tromped across firm Georgia clay, breaking through the mid-morning silence. Stiffening at the approaching danger, she pressed splayed fingers against the ground to gauge the threat. She listened, attentive to their pace and direction. The hoof beats were closing in despite her evasive tactics. Shadowing the creek to confuse her pursuers averted capture, but only briefly. She had little time for pampering wounds or resting tired legs. She must forge ahead with haste. Scooping cool water over her feet, Izzy rinsed away soft sludge comforting the blisters that burned and bit at her toes. She blotted the dampness then winced in pain. Thankful she borrowed more suitable apparel from a random clothesline and abandoned her crinolines when she took to the road, she hastily ripped her undergarment into strips and wrapped the tender injuries...
A soft crunch rustled behind her, and a hand slid over her mouth and nose. Izzy had no time to counter. She screamed––but no sound escaped the suffocating grip. No plea for help. No air. Squirming and yanking, she struggled, desperate to free herself, but to no avail. Trapped body to body, she fought for air, unable to see her assailant. The odor of sweat laced with tobacco and spirits heaved her stomach, causing the whirling in her head to spin faster and deeper, until the sunlight narrowed into tiny stars against a midnight sky––then faded into darkness. 

Lake Lanier GA, May 24, 2018  (Abingdon Manor)
Gazing across the lush, green forest edging his property, Attaway York stood on his front porch. Twilight dusted the evening sky, fireflies awakened, twinkling like tiny stars to light their flight through the darkening woodland. He relished the sounds, from crickets chirping and birds warbling to animals rustling through the forest. The unfamiliar whispers of nature he’d missed as a child. Though this solitude suited him, he dreamed of more.
For two years he’d labored on this land, restored the old abandoned estate to the splendor Abingdon Manor once held. But a burning desire to fill his home with children’s laughter and the love of a good woman weren’t likely to occur in such an isolated existence. He glanced downward at Prince’s slightly cocked head, the deep bronze eyes staring back as if the dog understood his mood. “Not totally alone, am I, boy?” York squatted and scratched the chocolate lab’s neck. “I have you…and friends, too.” 
Prince woofed, his tail wagging, and he nudged at his master.
“Ready for our walk?” York treaded down the porch steps with an unleashed Prince pacing beside him step by step. He enjoyed his evening walks with his dog. The treks provided a time for reflection and to ponder for new tomorrows. Tonight, he headed toward his favorite jaunt...
Through darkness, his gaze followed a pale blue haze, swishing through the brushwood toward the beach. A soft glow sparkled like an energized cloud. “Rrrrrrrr.” Prince warned again. 
“Hush, boy,” York whispered, inching toward the haze, Prince at his side. But the mist dimmed as they approached. Within the cloud, York could see a blurred image of a young woman. “Wait.” He paused and reached his hand toward the shimmer. “I won’t hurt you.”
“You see me?” Her hollow voice stuttered and she jerked as if taken aback. “Yes. Of course. Do you need help?” He stared at her translucent image, edging closer, confused, but not fearful. The young woman was little more than a child. Dressed in a long, tattered white shirt and little else, she wore her hair in a fat golden brown braid that fell over her left shoulder. 
“I’ve seen you here before, watched you and your dog.” 
“Yes. We enjoy walking along the beach.” He smiled and glanced at his pet. “Say hello, boy. We have a new friend.” He looked toward the woman again. “This is Prince. And I am York. Who are you?”
The young girl shivered. “Izzy,” she muttered. “I mean Isabelle. Isabelle O’Neal.”

Between the Shadows:
Lake Lanier Mysteries

Lake Laneir

By Casi McLean

It was 1845, and Isabelle was home alone at the family estate where only she and her brother remained. The Civil War was over but there was still danger from soldiers and others who were traveling home or to find a new location to work...maybe even to find some of the riches they felt they were due...

Izzy heard the many travelers heading her way and knew she could only be safe if she ran, but they had heard her as well and started the chase. She had no choice but to run, in the water as much as possible to hide her path. What happened to her that day was now part of history...or was it?

For in the year, 2018, Attaway York was also in those same woods where Izzy was running for her life... And he saw her...

Izzy had been out walking, caught in a place where she could not escape. Each time she walked around, she was soon back in a small hidden place that she was unable to leave. York and his dog Prince watched her, for she seemed to need help, her clothes were old and torn and she seemed somehow, translucent. But York's only thought was to help her and moved closer, introducing himself and Prince. Izzy seemed surprised that he could see her... and though she was afraid, she also moved closer, reaching out her arm to touch him lightly.

A soft glow sizzled around her like a protective sheath, but the moment they touched, the radiance eclipsed and Isabelle stood before him.

Very Cool, right?! I was totally hooked by that time, and still enjoying the beautiful scene, where York, who was looking for someone to share his newly restored home, was suddenly seeing a lovely young lady appear before him! OK, she happened to be dead, but that didn't stop the relationship developing! Loving it, with the feeling of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir..."

The Tesseract, Tess for short––named in 

honor of Drew’s favorite childhood story, 
A Wrinkle In Time––was an
 artificial intelligence with
 the capability of wrinkling 
time to connect past to future.
And just think! The adventure has barely begun! For now readers get to meet Tess...

So before you begin to wonder who Tess is, like I did, we soon find that she is the time machine built by the matriarch of the family who is now near death. Kenzi and her father are using the time machine, when required. And this is the time! Their friend York has talked with Izzy and has figured out that the only way to free her from where she has been imprisoned since her death, is to try to free her in her own time!

Let it begin! Using all the modern technology of today's world, they are able to figure out exactly where they should travel to. York and Kenzi are soon in 1845...and the soldiers who chased Izzy are still there. Soon one has captured Kenzi and took the horse they had found at the home and rode off with her. In the meantime, Izzy's brother returns home, finds York--and Izzy gone. The hunt begins and readers  follow each of the three as they deal with danger from the soldiers, stolen gold, finding the location where Izzy might have been taken--all in time to hopefully save Izzy from what happened to her! With romance as well!

This was my first time reading McLean, but she provides the type of paranormal, mystical, spooky tale I enjoy. The series doesn't seem to keep the same characters from book to book, but rather the mystic lake atmosphere. I enjoyed it enough that I went out to pick up the first book as well.

So, what we have is paranormal events that move characters in time, and Tess allowed other characters to travel there and hopefully help, without changing history... At the same time, we meet a wonderful set of characters with "first-love" tendencies which magically add to the final climax of the tale, which both didn't and did surprise me...Very cool and a lovely conclusion for everybody. Even the story of Kenzi's grandparents was a love story in itself... I loved the whole tale and happily escaped from reality for hours! If my words sound interesting to you, I highly recommend you check out Casi McLean. Her creative imagination, her detail to fine points of her story as well as continuity and use of seeming coincident was a joy in itself. Well worth finding her as a new author to follow!


Award winning author, Casi McLean, pens novels to stir the soul with romance, suspense, and a sprinkle of magic. Her writing crosses genres from ethereal, captivating shorts with eerie twist endings to believable time slips, mystical plots, and sensual romantic suspense.

Known for enchanting stories with magical description, McLean entices readers with fascinating hooks to hold them captive in storylines they can't put down. Her romance entwines strong, believable heroines with delicious, hot heroes to tempt the deepest desires, then fans the flames, sweeping readers into their innermost romantic fantasies.

With suspenseful settings and lovable characters you'll devour, you'll see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of one fateful night. You'll swear time travel could happen, be mystified by other worldly images, and feel the heat of romantic suspense, but most of all you'll want more.

Casi's latest series enters the realm of political thrillers with Reign Of Fire, exclusively found in the #1 bestselling, romantic suspense boxset, Love Under Fire.  

Her three-book, time slip, romantic suspense, Lake Lanier Mysteries, hit the stands running with book #1, Beneath The Lake, winner of the 2016 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for BEST Romantic Suspense. Watch the trailer on this link:

Beyond The Mist, book #2 in her romantic time slip treasure chest, is a stunning tribute to the victims and first responders of the 911 World Trade Center terrorist attack. Here is the trailer link:

Between The Shadows brings the saga full circle with an amazing time slip to 1865 and a search for the Confederate gold. 

Uniquely qualified to write self-help and inspiration, Casi tops the scale with her powerful memoir, Wingless Butterfly: Healing The Broken Child Within, sharing an inspirational message of courage, tenacity, and hope, displaying her unique ability to excel in nonfiction and self-help as well as fiction.

Discover the magic, with Casi McLean books:

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