Monday, April 13, 2009

Twitterer FollowSlendah Highlights Her Acrostic Poetry!


S piritual journey
O ver time and space
U nited through God's
L ove and grace
S ouls in transition;

I ndividuals in
N eed of care

T rusting God to
R emove despair
A ngels watch over us
N ight and day
S ins be forgiven
I n God we pray
T each us oh Lord
I nspire us too
O nly then can we get
N earer to you.

A writer, like a boxer, must stand alone. Having your words published is like entering a ring; it puts your talent on display, and there's nowhere to hide.

#quote from the movie "Resurrecting The Champ" starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Linda Hayes

Forgive & Forget

F orget about the wrong
O thers have done to you
R emember only that
G lory comes to those
I ndividuals who
V alue the word of God and
E xercise forgiveness;


F orgive those who try to
O ppress or torment you
R evenge only brings feelings of
G uilt, shame and regret
E verything's better when you forgive
T rust and believe in God's way.

Linda Hayes signs in as FollowSlendah on Twitter and you can click the title to see her Twitwall! You'll be soon seeing my review of her children's book, Grandma's First Computer!

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