Friday, April 3, 2009

Featuring Author and Poet: Sunny Serafino!!!!!

There are some individuals living on this earth, who, just by being, demand you claim her as a friend... Sunny Serafino is one of those individuals! I met her on Author's Den through her poetry. Didn't even know, until today when I started following her blog (click on title to visit and follow) that she is also an author!
That's how it is online...this lady is always posting, so you are always reading her, but sometimes you never take the time to really find out more about her, so I'm looking forward to learning more through her personal blog. I'm sure she'd appreciate your visit...and believe me, whether at her blog or at Authors Den, you will soon know why her name is "Sunny"!

I see your face and my heart fills
with music for my soul.
Your voice stirs me with a compassion
which knows no limits,
and your touch tells me
that there will always be joy in my life.
Your love sustains and protects me
as no other has ever done,
and my strength is found
only in the endless assurance of your love.
No words known to man
could ever express
the peace, comfort and joy
of your love for me and mine for you,
and your being at my side
means my life has found the ultimate fulfillment
and has meaning anew.
I will always love you
and perhaps I always have,
but that is not for us to know in this lifetime.
I'm not able to tell you
how much I love you,
but it is limitless, continuous and absolute.
I am yours and you are mine.


I had a dream the baby said
and his mother smiled and patted his head
I had a dream the little boy cried
and his daddy smiled and put it aside
I had this dream
said the young man in school
and the children laughed
and called him a fool
I have this dream
he said to his wife
and she said, "Oh,dear we're so busy with life"
Oh, God! I have this dream
he shouted with thirst
and a voice came down,
you should have told me first.

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