Monday, April 20, 2009

Highlighting Beautiful Words From Lisa Frost


There is hope around the corner
look to nature to renew
Watch the rays of golden sunrise
and the grass covered with dew

it is on these things we must focus
to help keep our eyes upon the Lord
among Nature HE created
we find the truth in His words!!

All things old shall pass away
And shall be rebirthed anew
This is witnessed at the end of winter
When spring awakens a beautiful view

Life springing again around us
In glorious beauty from above
Hear the birds singing joyous
The music of happiness and love

This is the same with Christ's renewal
In our heart, mind and soul
If we keep our eyes on heaven
We shall then reach our goal

Poetry Challenge: Danger
While this is written from some experience, I have to say that it is more from things I know from working as a preschool teacher, than my own experiences, which were not as extreme. When Nation posted Danger as the challenge word, this is what came from it. There are all too many children who live in Danger where they should be safest! Even one is too many.

Danger in Safety

Here I am
where "safe" should be
yet you are the one
most dangerous to me

I never know
when it will come
or what sets it off
though I do know some

It is always something
new you see
rarely does it
make sense to me

I don't know
just how to fix
because, you see
I am only six

I try to be
as good as I can
but I seem to fail
despite my plan

I was just standing
where I thought I should be
Oh please don't Mommy
Don't hit me.


Poetry to me

Words that flow like music
some with rhythm and rhyme
give my heart so much joy
helping me to pass the time

Whether you are full and happy
with a life that is filled with glee
or you are facing storms and floods
you can express it with poetry.

If you remember your true love
on that beautiful Spring day
or trying to get past the impossible task
that life threw in your way

poetry has it's own kind of healing
whether it's light, dark, or strong
it can help sort out feelings
or tell your love you were wrong

Whatever your reason for writing it
just pick up your pen and say
the words flooding your heart and mind
and help yourself along the way.


Lisa can be found at Gather.Com! Check her out by clicking the title of the article!

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