Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Highlighting Poetry from... Zara'

Sharing Words

Perhaps my words were meant
only and just for you...
For if someone else read them
No matter, just a few words...

Forgotten after just one read
Perhaps a bit of erotica to savor
How and when do words creep in
And make a poem, a letter?

Do we have someone in mind?
Or do we write to please
Anyone or everyone who passes by
To take the poem or leave...

For I find I respond to you
Your words speak so sincere
I see someone who opens up
And speaks of what is, oh, so dear...

Isn't that such a compliment?
To touch someone so deep
I'm glad if no one else did come
It formed a bond, you see.

And now we read each other
We enjoy a melding mind
Others may read our words, true
Some one else may also find

When two can think and act together
'Tisn't such a crime
For words make life a lovely place
To share with thee...or others...
Zara 2008


She Dances

Veils binding, blue, silver shining

Then unwinding, she drops it, head begins moving

Arms flowing, up and down, then intertwining

Wrists twisting, finger cymbals set the beat

Slowly sensuously, her silver breast shimmies

Hips find a contrasting movement

Jutting her hip first left and then right

Bending her knee, she gathers her veil

Circling she bumps her hip, each separately

Stimulating, she circles, enticingly

Catching the faster beat,

She shimmies and twirls

Lost in the wonder, loving the dance

Veil flying free, as freely as she...

Zara' - 2007
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  1. You write such beautiful poetry!! I always love your work!! Truly inspiring!