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Love Poem by Adolph Caso

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By Adolph Caso

(from, Water and Life, Branden Books - Click Title for Info)

I have loved you
with all my heart and soul
than you could ever imagine,
the prime time
when your breast was full,
its touch
the wondrous excitement
and the deep thrust
into your fertile womb
of joy and life,
the wonderment of my being
into yours,
completely yours
heart and soul,
the mystery of love
with every touch,
every thought‑‑
acts reduced to words of love
full of meaning‑‑
complete life
received into your body
like the tremors
of Dante's quake
and the birth of one more soul.

That was the joy I felt
as on a continuum,
without beginning or end‑‑
all this in the words of love
I whispered into your ears,
kissed on your lips,
into your mouth‑‑
within the receptive womb
bathed by life's semen
caressed by the palm of your hand
in excitement
for the gift of life's process
within every part of your body;

And all was love,
and in how many ways I said it,
showed it,
bathed you with the pure water of life,
my life
wondrous growth
of untold life's mysteries
permeating the semen
implanted in the womb
to fertilize and grow,
the potential of life
uncovered through you,
the total
to the word of love,
the pure water of life
with which I bathed you,
and the excitement was yours
more than you could ever imagine
though you brought your hand down
to caress the receptive womb
in which life
was already
and you were happy,
serenely exuberant,
and my words of love to you
reverberated through my body‑‑
the sounds and glances
a séance
to your ears and eyes:
quietly dancing
in sparkles reflected
over the rolling waves
of the soft sea at sunrise
after the explosion of a storm.

All this still within me
completely imprisoned
hermetically sealed
with layers upon layers
like rings in a tree‑trunk
solidly encasing
impermeable to cracks
not to expose
the inner core
of suffering!

What layers can the heart take
when the mind knows none
the passions feel no bounds
and the pressure builds!

Will the moment come
when love will explode
like a volcano at sea:
will it be an island
thrusting out
with its words of smoke
and absorbed into the newly‑born land
beneath the sea
with its words of smoke
to the wind?

I have loved you
with all my heart and soul,
more than you can ever imagine,
and still do
though that prime of life
will not return.
And vain it is,
for time is never lost
like life
on a continuous bend
every moment a new discovery
progression within control
always going forward
and never back.

Oh that I should not be able to go back
those journeys,
in vain,
for nothing goes back,
not even the island or non‑island at sea,
not even the surface of the ocean
or that of the land
or the layers of the air
that form the skies.
We can catapult
with or without conscience,
and like the island or non‑island at sea
we will come back,
the words of love like the smoke
absorbed by the land
wasted to the wind.

I have loved you
with all my heart and soul.

And this return of no return
is like powder forced into a chamber
the explosion
to reveal
the inner core
the beginning of another beginning
the end of another end
and never
the beginning or the end.

Like the volcano at sea,
will it give an island
or take one;
like our words,
the smoke absorbed
wasted to the wind?

Love is not a word
not a fantasy.
It is there‑‑
in my heart
awake or dormant
much as it is in you‑‑
prime life forever when awake
smoke wasted to the wind
when dormant;
the volcano ready to erupt
and build toward the sky
or disappear
into the core of the earth.

I want to love you
more than you can ever imagine
And when I do
and you are there
the words of love will explode
like volcanos at sea
thrusting islands

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  1. I tried sending at two different times COmments regarding this magnificent poem. Both opportunites seemed to fail being sent or accepted as comments from me and accepted by the proper source. My comments included that :
    THis is a heart wrenching poem sad, beautiful, emotional, with feelings made vivid, possibly purged from the heart once put forth for others to experience.

    Submitted from Eunice Mosher