Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Highlighting the Beautiful Poetry of Phyllis Jean Green

Vintage Yarn?

Unraveling! Attempting to make something
of me, the Creator adds and drops, drops
and adds. Stitches just like the picture before
I made all those wrong moves. Jiggled
floss loose, jerked it taut. Knitter's
forced to snip and tuck. Weave ends under,
try to hide. Doesn't like knots, but when
in Rome. Ask me, our knitter has bitten off
too much this time. Yarn must have fallen
off a truck. Color soon faded. Use shape,
use smoothing. Got this patchy feel,
and pills dot. Age has added subtleties,
but bad knitters refuse to keep their mitts
off. Got your sunlight, your dust, your
moths, your spills. Flooded once.
Combusted another. Rather like a toddler's
'blankie' by now -- odd, comfy, coming apart.
Comical, some say. Been tossed in the wash
a bunch of times. Wrung out a lot. Dried
in still air behind stiff? For all of this,
resistance remains strong. Too much love
put in to waste. Still got comfort to give.
Not despite of, but because of flaws. Turns
out the knitter deliberately works some in.
So cancel unravel. Need time to make up
a small part of the trouble: The squinting,
the picking, the doing over and over.
Getting jabbed!


(c) Phyllis Jean Green, 2008

Three Times Eight

Still, Afloat
Entries must not exceed eight {8} lines.
Eight hundred {800?} later of hems
and haws, I moon by a waterfall
of words that tumble to a stream
of more and more. Rainbows arc
as sun kisses spray. Closing my eyes,
I dive. Come to to the tune of :
One{1} Swim naked. Two{2} Pray.

Hot Velvet Sand
Isn't always the big fish
Turns out to have the best flesh,
Or the sweetest.
I see a couple on a Carolina beach
Wide and smooth and hot,
Surf-fishing for spot
That when caught elicit hugs.
Breeze downright sensual.

Go Back to Act One
Losing You to Time-sneaked Disease,
Accept only your smile. When you
Can smile. Pat, when you can pat.
Blue eyes remember me. At times.
They do! Mine remember You,
Tasting. Your taste, your uncool Yes.
Men can aggravate. Aggravate me,
Please? Be You and I'll be Me.

All of the above poems are protected by copyright.
(c) Phyllis Jean Green, 30 June 2008

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  1. From the author:

    T h a n k y o u, Glenda!!

    As my husband is fond of bragging, "I am quietly proud."

    Right. ;)

    This is a real feather in my cap! Book Reader's Heaven is great, and it couldn't be more appropriate from my standpoint. I am what you might call "a reader's reader!"

    Read ON~!!!