Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review - Your Honor is Safe With the Major!

Honor Defended
A Citizen Warrior Novel
By D. H. Brown
Big River Press
ISBN: 9780979874468
304 Pages

Honor Defended, the second book in the Citizen Warrior series by D. H. Brown is not only just as exciting an adventure as the first book, Honor Due; but, in many ways, it more effectively illustrates the power of citizen warriors!

Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if citizens were able and willing to share and be responsible for curbing and eliminating violence in our communities? Oh yes, there are programs like neighborhood watch. There are methods by which you can report crimes you’ve seen. But what if, by using our former professional soldiers, who have been trained for combat and law enforcement, we really did have brave citizen warriors “protecting our backs”? I, for one, would quickly relocate to the northwestern part of the United States where the Major resides!

There really was no choice for the Major! When he learned that a soldier, home from Iraq, had been beheaded and then burned, and his wife had been kidnapped, the only thing that he could do was just what he did. He took the challenge, began his investigations, pulled together his team, and went after those that had invaded his territory.

And indeed they had invaded. A small cell of 12 terrorists had landed near the home of the soldier. While it might not have been planned, it was clear by what had been done, that they had enjoyed their actions while stealing a vehicle and taking the soldier’s woman.

Reading D. H. Brown’s novels is not so much about “who” did it. It is truly fascinating to see him go into action, make his contacts, select what personnel will be needed, and who is in the area that can fill those roles. There are a number of carryover characters brought forward from the first book, including Black Dog, the Major’s woman, a neighboring couple in whose lives the Major has brought excitement, and many former professional soldiers who live nearby or are flown in for the “exercise.”

Carmen had been kidnapped and Jimmy, her brother, had sought the Major’s help. Carmen’s two children were with Jimmy. The first success for the major was to find their dog, who had been wounded, and take him immediately to the children, so they could begin to hope again. He called in a friend to work on the dog...a doctor who would be needed to serve as medic for what was coming. Of course, doc was not too thrilled that his first patient was a dog but he goodheartedly fixed him up!

And therein lies the secret! The Major calls upon goodhearted citizens to use their best personal skills to aid a neighbor in trouble. As the team assembled, the Major discovered that he had a stowaway recruit—Carmen’s son, Ward Junior, was determined to help. And so the Major adjusted the plan and immediately identified how and what this young man would be doing. In many ways, he was the star character in this novel, for he did much more than had been expected of him before the mission was completed.

Indeed, Carmen herself was a strong character, much to be admired as she faced all that happened, being captured by 12 terrorists, well, actually, 11, after she had had enough!

D. H. Brown’s Honor Redeemed is coming soon. Readers, if you like action and adventure, have a love for the USA, and enjoy great characterization of our citizens, then you’re already behind. I advise you to get Honor Due and this book, Honor Defended at the same time and spend a long weekend with The Major—you gotta love him!

G. A. Bixler
For IP Book Reviews

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Glenda. It is always such a pleasure for me to know that my writing touched someone and made them think. Great blog BTW! Be well, DH