Monday, April 6, 2009

Highlighting Poetry From Author Robert Noonan

Why I Write History
What I write is seen by thee
Arranged the way it ought to be
To tell a tale or present some facts
The words are guided by my acts
To share a time of days gone by
We feel that age and maybe cry
Unable to return and change things then
Accepting all that has been
The past can make our hearts react
But all words written should be exact
To please myself is what I do
Wishing it is the same for you
To reveal the past is all inspiring
Where I do my desired reveling
I share with all my heartfelt words
So those gone by can still be heard

Robert Noonan

Robert Noonan, author of the Orphan Train Trilogy, who is also my spotlighted author right now, and I, have been working together since his novels were still in manuscript form. I don't remember the circumstances, but we were talking about poetry and also why he wrote historical fiction. I remember that I asked him to "put it down" for me!

Robert who is now working on his next book, requested by all the readers of the Trilogy, is another book in the Orphan Train "Series!" I am pleased to be able to share his thoughts about writing here during National Poetry Month!

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