Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Note To Readers and Followers

Good Morning, I just got an email from Adolfo Caso regarding his poem... it seems that a lady attempted to post a comment and it failed twice...

I am sooooooo sorry about that! I know there are issues with Blogger as there are with other systems, but the overall package here is one I find I hope any problems such as this can be overlooked.

I do enjoy reading messages, though...especially for those poets I'm highlighting this month. Always feel free to send me thoughts, comments, concerns to my email address: I will be happy to post them for you! If you think of it, put Blog Comment in the subject line...

Thanks so much to all my new followers! I may not know you personally, but I hope that we can become acquainted in some way, somewhere on the Internet! In the meantime, I hope the content here is worthy of your presence and welcome any suggestions!

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