Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hamid...and Irving...Share More of Their Words!



basanti shawls
yellow paper kites
in mustard fields


Every time
I doze -
Buddha opens his eyes


Sky weeps
Colours -
Autumn leaves


a shrine
chanting smoke
under Peepal


a pale sun
green grape vines
a soggy wall

Hamid Yazdani



Something disturbs the night’s darkness,
the winking lights,
the sidewalk’s shine from an earlier rain.
A window’s reflection,
the haunting other self brings an inner darkness,
weightless, yet weighty with disquietude,
a brush against a black cat,
the doleful call from an unknown quarter,
The dark voice of my other self morphs into sadness without music,
the heaviness of living.
--Irving A. Greenfield

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