Friday, April 17, 2009

Consider Carefully Words From Teresa

Everyman, everywhere~

"Egypt is a candle submerged by the river," he said, when asked if Egypt still holds its role as the centre of Arab thought and culture, and if not, why. "When the earth is dark, Egypt comes out of the river and lights the world."

But he despairs that the light he calls Egypt is, at least for now, not burning brightly. "The people down there are not Egyptians," he said. "They are oppressed people."

Ahmed Fouad Negm

the oppressed...
I was thinking of you
the man bent double
at the bus stop
going nowhere
in downtown Seattle

the one who is reminded
in each shop window
as if he could forget...

no loitering...
you have right here
only by nature of your armament
your wherewithal
your passport to the world
while I,
the wanderer
the outsider
loitered across your withdrawal
proffered an unseen hand
fell back, helpless

watched your oppression
and bled

"Egypt is a candle submerged by the river," he said"


I met Teresa at the Poets and Writers Registry. You can find her there or click the title to read her poetry!

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