Friday, April 10, 2009

Poet Del Cano Shares His Poetry!

The Skin I'm In

This is the skin I was put in
I was not given any choice.
Everyone else has words to say
while denying me my voice.

When I do speak my experience
they take the right to call me wrong.
How in hell am I supposed to grow
when hearing such a conflicting song.

This is the skin I was put in
predetermined before I was born
yet, I am often viewed with malice.
as if I had some devilish horns.

I am judged before I am known
strictly due to the skin I'm in.
Ignoring many human facets
which to me seems more like sin.

This is the skin I was put in
long before I could form ideas.
You who condemn my existence
owe me time now and in arrears.

Del Cano March 10, 2009


If I Get Cold

If I get cold tonight

will you promise to keep me warm?

Do I snuggle under the blankets

or the comfort of your arms?

If the winds shift to cool

and storms draw down on me,

will you snuggle me close up

making it all less chilly?

If I get afraid of all the charges there

can I count on you to love me

keeping sweet scents in the air?

If I get cold tonight

I'll count on you without guilt

and wallow in the comfort of us

together under the quilt!

Del Cano - March, 2009


Spencer can be found at (click title to read more of his beautiful work). Spencer is a special friend and his poetry calls to many fans on Gather, so I always appreciate that he's also willing to share and allow me to present his poetry to you!

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  1. These are two wonderful poems of Spencer's, but it is just a tip of the iceberg that is his writing and talent!! If you haven't read his stuff before now, I encourage you to go to Gather and check it out!!!