Thursday, April 9, 2009

Highlighting Poet Regis Auffray!

Allow Love
YOU know you inspired this ******

Allow Love
Among a myriad flowers
Swaying to song of wind
Your grace is unparalleled
Amidst limitless sparkling stars
On blue-black darkling ocean
Of firmament
You outshine all
I cannot hold you in my arms
Across awesome expanse of land and sea
It is up to you
Close your emerald eyes
See my engaging smile
Allow yourself to slip
Between mystical sheets of dream
Feel my impatient kiss
Touch your eager lips
Come to my dimension
Allow meTo tend your garden
Stoke the fire in your hearth
Let me love you
As you would have me do

Copyright © Regis AuffrayJanuary 2005All Rights Reserved

This is written in haiku meter.
It is dedicated to someone who is hard to describe in mere words.

When the winter wind
Stirs through the dark barren trees
It whispers of you
I can barely breathe
When your picture comes upon
The screen of my mind
When someone mentions your name
I lose a heartbeat
I can scarce believe
How empty my world appears
Without you in it
In another realm
In dreams when I speak with you
You give me purpose
Now in the darkness
It is easy to fathom
The light that you shined
In humility
I admit my lack of strength
Without your presence
It's hard not to fall
In the void you left behind
When you had to leave
There is not a time
When I do not think of you
Know this is the truth
My friend I miss you
There is emptiness within
Each passing moment
The absence of you
Is a constant throbbing ache
Deep within my soul
I shall not be healed
Until we can meet again
Our friendship confirmed
Copyright © Regis AuffrayJanuary 2004All Rights Reserved
Wow, I don't know about you, but I love to read poetry by Regis...It warms my spirit! I met Regis online at Authors Den and you can read more of over 200 wonderful poems shared on that site, by clicking the title...and/or, you just might see him back here, he gave me total access to choose! Gotta love him!

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