Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Highlighting the Poetry of Carol Denise Mitchell, Author!

We are Homeless

Wrote this poem at three-thirty; thirty-three times
Found living on the streets no reason to rhyme

Pissy icy boxes filthy garbage cans grime
Public dryers spinning crazy use to cost a dime

In your bed tonight, do you think about me?
Fighting rats diligently over what you ate at three?

No keys keeping feet on this shaky ground
Like homelessness had never ever, ever been around

Give stars money they will never, ever spend
While his fellow man yearns for a bed to sleep in

Ne'er judge a hungry human for wanting to be full
When you ate your steak chewing holes full of bull

Many on a list of those who are doing extra well
Forget homeless in America are living in jail

This is America's biggest domestic war
Give peace, warm milk and a key to any door

Rich country of mine with millions to burn
Oh America the beautiful why haven't you learned

This is not about elections or winning more votes
It's about a warm shower with a fresh bar of soap

Not asking for a home for just only me
Give up these roofs for all society

Scarred, war hands gives you rest in your bed
Soldiers on the streets may we rest our heads?
We are homeless.


What Sid Did

Joanne is gone to poverty, cancer & disease
No doctor treats a woman on free honesty

Delivered me she did two precious little kids
Now they're living with her man, a man named Sid

Sid saw her go to heaven; then he raised our kids
Can't help but respect what Sid did.

Can't say a spoiled word bout' a man's heart so true;
Just doing what a parent perhaps anyone would do

Just one more year for his long law degree
He said, "That’s when the kids are coming with me"

Out the shack behind the ghetto, on up to Beverly Hills
Toting lessons of our lives..., it was written in her will

Joanne brailed, “Sid; take my kids, just leave"
Respect their poor father he was very good to me

They left out the ghetto at twelve one day
With my heartfelt blessings leading all the way

My heart forever cries for my two little kids
But I shall always take kind to what Sid did.


Carol Denise Mitchell

Carol and I became friends during the time I've reviewed her two books: What Happened to Suzy and Rovella Starr. As you can see she writes with a passion and tells the story like it is! Click on the title of this entry to check out her site!

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