Saturday, April 11, 2009

Review: S. G.Craft's The Gold Machine!

The Gold Machine
By S. G. Craft
First Impressions Last Press
ISBN: 9780614240060
281 Pages

“There’s gold in them there hills!” was a cry that excited many years ago. But in The Gold Machine by S. G. Craft, we can be excited to learn that there is gold everywhere! All you have to do is use Professor’s machine, which will identify and sort various minerals, including gold, from common compounds including dirt, sand and water...

Of course, the complete machine has not yet been finished, albeit the model does indeed work. Professor Parsons, a brilliant mathematician had invented the machine based upon the concept that these elements could be separated by the use of sound waves. The machine had much potential to improve the environment, in addition to the separation of small gold particles. Of course, it was necessary to keep everything confidential—even the government did not want the machine built. However, Professor, with a few very carefully chosen individuals were financing completion.

And then Professor died. It looked like a natural death; many questioned those findings!

His death “coincidentally” happened immediately before the investors were to meet and see the first working demonstration of the gold machine. And the plans, drawings, the location...and any remaining money were now gone. Three of the group--two very close friends of Professor, together with the largest investor of one-half million dollars--began a search to follow Professor’s steps and find the location of the machine. Amanda, an investigative reporter and former student of Professor Parsons took the lead. During her school years Professor and his wife had become close and Amanda considered him a father figure, leading to a trust and belief that the Gold Machine actually existed and that it was not the scam that some of the investors were beginning to declare.

And, after much research and searching, indeed, the machine was found! And as soon as Amanda found it, she was captured, to be murdered exactly as Professor had been!

Perhaps because I had just previously read a fable, or perhaps because of the surprise ending, I found that I began to look upon the book as something more than a “whodunit.” There are many personal revelations in the book and soul-searching by the main characters, while others rejected family members or grew to be resentful of those who participated in get-rich quick schemes, separating the families. Still others, for their own reasons chose to murder and steal, to take the results without any of the work. So, I began to wonder whether the ending was what was needed--what we must all realize in today’s world. Is the ending “the moral of the story?”

Still, where were the plans and drawings for The Gold Machine that had not been found? Personally, I’m hoping there is a follow up to the book...I don’t think Amanda is done with this mystery yet!

This is a fun book and if you enjoy hunting for “the gold” S. G. Craft’s The Gold Machine is highly recommended for mid-teens and adults.

G. A. Bixler
IP Book Reviewer

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