Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Highlighting Poet and Author Jayne Waggoner

Daisy on the Hill


is one daisy on the hill

not surrounded by other blooms

but rather rocks and mud.

Head held high

this weed upon the knoll

claiming in its relentless stance

its refusal to be ruined.

White petals of perfection

circling a face of yellow

displaying an uncommon beauty

in a dismal setting of gray.

Rain falls to stroke its leaves

offering its supported gift.

Sun shines to add its worth

Extending added blessings.

Solo survivor,

is this grace of nature.

An eloquent reminder

life can endure.



Whispering breeze on bending road

advises me turn and run.

Yet I shuffle toward the house

I fled when I was young.

Tears stain my silken threads,

fingers are cold and numb.

A man, my friend, beside me strolls.

His presence is helping some.

Never back the ghost wind moans.

How I long to turn and flee.

Still I continue to confront the past

that held such misery.

Trembling lips mumble lowly,

just once and I’ll be free.

Pounding heart knows it a lie

for my prison is memories.


Jayne's poetry is not only beautifully written, but has much to share for many of us! I met Jayne at Authors Den and you can read more about her by clicking the title of this article!

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