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Kierstead Writes on Work, Evolution, Lint, Boogers...and More!

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Save the Rats!
Oh, wait, does this go under Pets or Work?
The Lost Dialogues of Table 18

Kevin A. Kierstead

Reading the first book by Kierstead (I'll be reviewing three), I confess I was often thrown back into some big family get-togethers when a number of my nephews would come together and start talking. I can also remember that many times, the women in the room would yell, "oh gross..." and promptly get up to leave. We all agreed, it's a guy thing... Or, if you are a gal that enjoys weird humor...hey, go for it!

Now, I'm just going to go for the gold here folks. How often, do you consider the possibility of collecting boogers for the purpose of using them to create something? "I guarantee you that I could buy 50 lbs. of boogers for under $20 in a single day." (p. 81). Of course, the discussion didn't get deep enough to figure out how many people needed to acquire 50 lbs.

And then, I thought, there was the seasonal issue when there would be none because snot is prevalent in winter...

The Lost Dialogues of Table 18 (When Pirate Talks)This small book also contains similar short essays on The Purpose of Life, Evolution, War, Pets, Men and Women, Political News, U.F.O.s, Buzz Words, Work, Bugs, Music, The Beach, Penguin, and Scam, Lint and Education. As you can see, the eclectic range of information is surely going to capture your immediate attention.

Take, for instance, Pets, which are one of my interests... This discussion started with sharing that a "Facebook" member talked about how cruel it was to put a dog to death and added photo after photo of those dogs scheduled. Now I must admit this one almost turned me off. But then, the question was broadened. Why didn't the girl post pictures of rats or snakes...for surely they had just as much right to be kept alive (especially with your money?) Still, finally, I did have to agree with the basic question...What leads an individual to take up causes such as "Save the Whales" for surely they've never met one or had one as a close friend?

Just don't say too much about cats, my personal friends...

Another topic that interested me was Work...It seems that work has been a main part of my life since I was adult. Like the woman they discussed, I Loved my job. Well, it was quickly determined that she, and I guess I, was lying...

Given what happened during the last few years of that job...I had to agree...

And then there was the dialogue on evolution. Now everybody knows that arguments go on continuously about this topic, so I wasn't expecting..."What if I told you evolution was an illusion.” (p. 13)

I didn't think I could create a good argument on that...

Because finally, I had already read “You know,” I said, “I got to thinking on the way in here; what is the purpose of life if you set aside all religions?” (p. 1)

And I realized that once I knew God, there was really not much more reason to discuss it after that...

Kevin A. Kierstead is not a standup comedian, but he was born in a distant that certainly explains just about everything, right? (And by the way, there's an essay about those who add "right?" or "isn't that right?" that you won't want to miss.) Highly recommended for those who enjoy humor about everyday life. A perfect gift for a brother, cousin, nephew...or your frat brother...LOL

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