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New Novel Set in Katrina-Ravaged New Orleans!

To My Senses
First in Nicci Beauvoir Series


By Alexandrea Weis

I had the opportunity to read the second novel in the Nicci Beauvoir series and I have no doubt there is a bright future for the series and the author, Alexandrea Weis... In fact movie rights have already been picked up for this latest book, according to her web page (click the title of this article to visit)

Obviously, one of the reasons to follow the series for readers is the opportunity to visit New Orleans, empathically, during a time that the devastation and results of Katrina are still very much a part of daily life. Weis' descriptions depict the turmoil of those who have lived there, and what it means to travel and no longer find a place or part of a town that once provided happy memories.

RecoveryNicci Beauvoir is a wonderful character that readers will immediately care about. She studied to be a nurse, but moved on to be a writer based on encouragement from her lover David Alexander, an artist who began to paint her in various poses, naming the individual in the paintings...Jenny...

But David Alexander had been murdered two years ago...

And that was recorded by Nicci Beauvoir in her first book, which she is just beginning to publicize as Recovery opens.

But at the party given by the publisher, Nicci learns there is a different reason for her to have been brought to New York. And the Publisher doesn't seem too happy about it, as he immediately takes her to meet another man. David Alexander's former boss...

Nicci had already learned that there had been more to David's life than she had known while he was living. But now, his employer wanted her to work with another of his employees to find who had killed David.

Dallas August was a man who claimed to have no conscience. He was cold, aloof, and wanted only to finish his job--to find out who had killed his friend and co-worker. Dallas had been searching for the murderer for the two years since his death. He had finally determined and convinced their boss that the reason for his death had to have been connected with Nicci and their relationship. Since Nicci was just as anxious to find the criminal as Dallas, she agreed to his crazy plan--he would travel back to New Orleans with Nicci as her new friend and lover...This is a murder investigation like no other! There immediately develops a love-hate relationship between Dallas and Nicci, both being attracted, but still affected by their close relationship with David.

However, what Nicci found most disconcerting was that David had told Dallas so much about her personal life! Now she was at a disadvantage, knowing nothing about the man she was to introduce to all her family and friends.

It was the perfect time to undertake the ruse as Christmas and New Year's were coming... Dallas wanted to meet not only the family, but all of Nicci's former male friends. What fun to watch as Dallas possessively claims Nicci in public, but then mostly ignores her in private--or tries to become more intimate than Nicci is willing to allow!

This romantic suspense is a must-read in my opinion. Not only do they solve the murder mystery, but Dallas and Nicci move a little closer to a real least until the author leaves readers dangling with a very real possibility that could shake everything up again--in the next book! Enjoy!

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