Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exciting Suspense Novel Spotlights Internet Dark Side...

Afraid of the 


By James Grippando

If you enjoy deep, heavy, complex suspense, this is the book for you! Not only are you caught in the chase of "who," you are watching as the "why" is also explored--is it terrorism? Pornography? Pedophilia? How about a little of all of it, plus murder! Indeed readers will try to follow the threads as the why's are revealed, but none of the tension or drama lets up until the very end!

It all started when Vince Paulo was helping out his friend, Chuck Mays. He was helping him keep his daughter McKenna safe from electronic predators by electronically watching her! However, when he saw the message she had sent, it was just a little later than it needed to be. By the time he had reached McKenna's home, she was seriously injured and then died. By the time Vince left her home, a bomb had gone off and Vince was blinded!

Afraid of the Dark (Jack Swyteck)Jack Swyteck was asked to represent a man being held at Guantanamo. He was doing it only to support his friend Neil. When they arrive, Jack started to talk to him and for the first time after years of his being there, the man started talking. Getting him released was only the first step...

As soon as he was back in the United States, he was arrested for the murder of Mays' daughter, McKenna. His name was really Jamal and he had been McKenna's lover.

Since Jamal had come to trust Jack, he was asked to defend him once again. Learning that prior to his being taken to Guantanamo, Jamal had been in an interrogation prison, he thought, in Prague, Jack was convinced some type of government cover up was going on. After all, they must have known who Jamal was while he was imprisoned and perhaps even had held and tortured him before then. Jack learned that Jamal was related to a known terrorist though he had lived with his mother for years, without contact.

But there was one thing--while waiting for help for McKenna, knowing that she might not make it, Vince Paulo had questioned her about who had done it. He taped her response, naming Jamal, her first...

No matter how everything was considered, all of the pieces just didn't add up. Then Jack, Vince, and Chuck Mays came together, willing to share information. But anybody who knew something was soon killed. Or threats against family were made.

While the title refers to the individual who used the phrase, "Afraid of the Dark," Grippando has actually spotlighted the dark side of Internet use. We all know that we never really know with whom we are talking. We also know that our identity can be stolen. And we faithfully purchase all the protection software that supposedly keeps us safe... How foolish we can be...

This is not a book you fall in love with...but it was excellent in so many other ways! Highly recommended.

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