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Town Destroyed by...Green Goop and Slime!

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Green goop and slime 
destroyed everything in its path...

Shades of Green

By Ian Woodhead

I made an exception for this book--I normally don't review books with many errors, but because I was unable to read due to a period of vertigo which prevented my reading and contacting the author earlier, I made a special effort to overlook the typos, which didn't disturb the reading too badly. The major issue is the lack of scene differentiation and the lack of highlighting dream sequences. Only one dream in the entire novel was in italics, followed by the character waking up...which worked really well. Others have already gone into these issues in their reviews, so I'll just close with,,,

I found it difficult not to keep reading if you first make the decision to not be critical of errors as you read. The book was good enough for a full 5 ranking, but got a 4 because... I hope the author considers a new edition because horror fans are bound to enjoy this book.

Deep in the woods near a small country village, there was a hole in the ground which led to a room that had been there for thousands of years. But what was there in that room was disturbed, and awoke, one day...

Two older boys were chasing younger boys. The older boys called it fun...The younger boys were afraid! And when one of the boys fell into that hole during the chase, he was hurt and his blood flowed out...awakening that which was there...

The other young boy was traumatized and was immediately changed. In order to appease that which now controlled him, he pushed his mother down that hole... He left town, but had been kept in a drug-induced coma for many years.

The next time--three small boys were involved; two were killed and one had been found alive in a bag, never to be the same again. He, too, had changed. His name was Alan and he lived in a small home with his mother and younger brother Damien. It was a loving family, but Damien definitely felt the change since his older brother had been such a wonderful friend, as well, in the past.

And then the body of one of the boys was found...

As if the earth could no longer accept all that had happened in that little town's wooded area, it had regurgitated the body...and the corruption began to spread... Ernest, the boy in the coma was soon back in town...

Dreams of what was happening started for both Alan and Damien and oftentimes readers will feel like a scene is repeating, while the dream is foretelling of what is coming...

It began with mushrooms growing and spilling spores into the air, trees taking on aggressive actions, using limbs to capture flying creatures and their trunks to hold captives like they were glued. Then people started to be infected or bitten and spider eggs laid in bodies while others were turned into monsters who preyed on other humans, becoming cannibals..

All living plants and insects were infected. Soon the wood of buildings began to deteriorate as blood became slime and slowly merged into green goop that destroyed everything in its path... What didn't die became a ravenous monster.

This book is not about the characters. It is almost continuously one horror scene after another, either through a dream, as as it actually happens...Because every dream that Damien had is coming true...and he's running for his life! Not for light stomachs and I recommend you don't read at night! LOL This is scary good as the Chiller channel says...A horror lover's delight!

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