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Savage Provides Stories From Many Genres...in...

Volchev's Story Made It to
Broadway - Freedom!


and Other Stories

By W. Jack Savage

In a collection, readers are provided an opportunity to watch the diversity of interests of the author and, hopefully, find stories that merge with our personal interests. Indeed, W. Jack Savage in Bumping presents 12 tales that are so uniquely different, readers are bound to find at least one that especially speaks to them. For me, that story was "Andrew." This is a special love story that spoke to me in many ways...

Bumping and Other Stories
Andrew had been fired. Not because of his qualifications, but because he did not add to "the positive harmony" of the office. Something had happened to Andrew that had changed him, made him withdraw and not participate in social activities. He was quiet, brooding...

Trying to find another job proved difficult so he started to hire out for day labor. But the salary he was able to get was far less than he needed to pay his rent.

Finally, he and several others started to work for a woman in her yard. After he was given general instructions, he proceeded to work on the area he had been assigned. However, the woman stopped and questioned what he was doing. For he had done nothing but move rocks!

His response led her to hire him only to complete the work she needed... I loved their story...


Let me also tell you a little about "Ellie is Here 2." With its surprise ending, this easily was one that also won favor. Ellie met Gary online, both needing someone to share with and little by little a friendship had developed via messenger and email.

But then Ellie disappeared. Gary searched in as many ways as he could to find her, sending ongoing emails. Gary knew something was wrong, something had happened to Ellie. He started to search newspapers...the obits...


A strange drama, "Beginnings," also completely captured me. It's a love story in a way, but...strange...perhaps "quiet" sexual escapades could clarify... No, I think you just have to read it...


And then there is the title story, "Bumping" which is a story about a man who is slowly losing himself to Alzheimer and is on his way to end his life when he bumped into a woman...

Savage's book also includes war stories, an armed robbery, a woman who lost her family power...a prisoner of war that is freed by Broadway...so much offered! There's joy, laughter, sadness and suspense to be found! Don't have much time to read...take this book with you and enjoy a short story while having lunch, on a work break, or even sitting in slow traffic! Intriguing tales to give you a break of enjoyment!

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