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Garrett Brothers Infiltrate Al Qaeda Strongholds!

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Hidden Threat

By A. J. Tata

A. J. Tata takes readers directly into special forces invasions of Al Qaeda territories in the third novel of his Threat series. What a fantastic read! Tata just keeps getting better and better! Highly recommended!

Legendary brothers Zachary and Matt Garrett are once again involved in protecting Americans--this time taking us into Afghanistan and Pakistan after the Al Qaeda. Zach had been sent on Operation Searing Gorge, into the mountains in Afghanistan, where it was believed a known Al Qaeda hideout was located. They were landing and leaving by helicopter. Zach had serious misgivings about the mission. And perhaps a premonition...
Hidden ThreatWhen the helicopter was leaving a count of individuals was made as they came on to ensure that everybody was back, but one of them was a suicide bomber! The 'copter exploded not too long after they lifted and not much was found. Search and rescue was only able to find the tags for Zach Garrett. Still...could the mission have been successful? It had been planned to leave misinformation that hopefully would be found, but Garrett had held that information and his feedback was not available now...

Back home, we meet Amanda, the daughter of Colonel Zachary Garrett who routinely has led our special forces commandos into the most dangerous actions undertaken by our troops. However, Amanda could care less about her father, until it is too late. When representatives came to inform Amanda of her father's death,  she seemed to be unaffected. Amanda had been raised by her mother and grandmother and had few memories of her father. Nevertheless, Amanda would inherit half a million dollars, with conditions.

Parental Alienation Syndrome, also called Malicious Mother Syndrome, came to the author's attention from his first-hand knowledge of seeing the impact of war on families and, in particular, on soldiers and their children. PAS develops when a "custodial parent is able to shape a child's world and scale her prism the way an optometrist measures eyesight and fits a pair of glasses."  (p. 93) Tata introduces this important issue through a concurrent drama as Amanda begins to follow the conditions in her father's will. Amanda had buried most memories of her father based upon the actions of her mother and grandmother.

Zach had met and fallen in love with a woman who fortunately was a psychologist. His Will required that Amanda have counseling sessions with her and that she also visit her former home, Zach's house. On the very first visit, Amanda began to learn about what had been done to her. She was shown an accounting that all money had been routinely sent to her mother, for instance, although Amanda had been often told she was not receiving those payments. When she visited her former home, documentation of fraud was revealed! Those buried memories quickly began to surface... 

But the home was burned immediately after Amanda had been called back home. And soon an attempt on the life of Riley, her psychologist and friend by that time, had been made! Slowly, Amanda begins to see that both her mother and grandmother has worked her entire life to discredit her father. 

Matt Garrett is never willing to accept that his brother is dead. As Assistant Director of CIA, he immediately moved to take over an investigation and, if necessary, take revenge on those who have killed his brother. But Zach had not been on that helicopter, he had been taken to Pakistan by Mullah Rahman, ADA the Scientist. It was the Scientist who discovered and acted on the misinformation. 

Soon the U.S. realized their bait had been taken. They were ready to act immediately!

With the recent announcement of the action against and death of Osama Bin Laden, I must say that having just read Hidden Threat gave added impact to what it took for our forces to have accomplished this momentous action. Frustration and anger overcome fear when brave men act on behalf of our country. A. J. Tata's insight and experience delivered in his stories provides readers with the opportunity to enter into the details, fear and frustration of military actions like the one that just occurred. Right now...I call this a must-read!

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