Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome: Bitten Twice on Her Blog Tour! - Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Do You Believe in love at first sight?

"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find" - Unknown

What are the chances that you could meet someone that just seems so perfect that you want to be bound to them in some shape or fashion for the rest of your life? Then one day you see him stroll into the office.

He's tall, with an easy smile and laughing eyes. Wow, you could really sink your fangs into him. The suit, well tailored leaving you wondering about the muscles moving beneath the fabric... Eh! But then office romances never work!

Or the day you run into the food store looking a mess and bump into your potential Mr. Right. The contents of your carts tell you that you eat the same foods. Could your interests be the same also? Oh but you look a mess, so you couldn't possibly talk to him. First impressions are everything. Right? A quick smile, mumble apologies, and move on.

What is it about the partner of our dreams that allows us to size up the opposite sex so quickly and assess whether or not we have just met a potential mate? Why does it seem that men are more likely to take chances than women? After all, relationships take work at any stage of the game. When can you say that you truly know your partner? Even then, what can be said of our response to change? Some people have whirlwind romances and live their lives happily ever after. While others take a more conservative approach and still fail.

"Marked" is a tale of paranormal urban fantasy where the characters are challenged to defy the odds. Xan, a powerhouse of seduction, attracted to Catherine, a mousy and conservative administrative assistant, whose life is ruled by routine. Why do opposites attract and why can't they have a long life together?

I love to hear stories where folks have listened to their hearts and found their true loves to live a long healthy and satisfying relationship afterwards. I cheer those on that are well-grounded to bypass the societal norms and do what they feel is right rather than lead a life dictated by society. With that said, there is something to be said for individual personality and individual needs. Perhaps waiting is best, but if you are looking for that perfect man to sweep you off of your feet... do you wait until your hair is perfect when you've just bumped into Mr. Foodstore man? What obstacles stand in your way? Mom's voice saying wait, the fear of being wrong, or a power hungry demon threatening to kill you or make you his?

Do you believe in destiny or charting your own course? Who are you marked for? Who does your heart burn for? Does anyone have the answers?

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Author of: "A Blood Moon" – First in the Macedo Ink series available now
                      "Marked" - First of a Were series pending publication
                      “As Blood Rages” – Second in the Macedo Ink series pending publication
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Bitten Twice is an author who primarily writes in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres.
She recently released the first in the Macedo Ink vampire series in October of 2010 and can be found on the web at

Bitten Twice currently lives in Hollywood, FL with her family. Courageously in love with one man and two children, they all take care of the family’s two dogs. Bitten is a lifetime member of the Florida Writer’s Association and an associate member of International Thriller Writers.

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Great legends tell of the pairing of souls. 
Two that would come together in an eternal bond yielding great power. 
Forever marked with a destiny waiting to unfold
The wielders of light in darkness' final hour

Demonic forces threaten to tip the balance of power for all worlds. Xan, King of the Cats, is one of many called in by the Templar organization to eliminate the source of the trouble brewing in North America. Arriving in New York Xan, a powerhouse of seduction, meets Katherine and begins to wonder whether he has met his soul mate or fallen into a trap. The war with the underworld comes topside and Xan is in the midst of fighting an unfamiliar battle - rejection. Can Katherine accept their differences? 


  1. Thanks for having me over today Glenda. I appreciate your hospitality and look forward to your feedback on the book in June.

  2. You are quite welcome! I look forward to reading this one since I enjoyed my first book by...

    Bitten Twice!


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