Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Few Funny Tails To Keep You Smiling!

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Get Those Dogs Out of Our Home!
Dog Tails:
Three Humorous
Short Stories for Dog Lovers

By Tara Chevrestt

Spending a little time with dogs is difficult in my home. My Cats don't tolerate dogs visiting, so I was glad to have the opportunity to read about them--or should I say to meet them and hear their stories? For each of the three dogs share their story personally to readers. No editing by owners either, I could tell, because each had a different view of that human with whom he lived!

Take for instance, Lola, who is a Pekingese.
Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog LoversOr at least she once was until her disgruntled mother got it into her head to "wish" to trade places with Lola for a day...I don't know which was funnier, but if I'm made to choose, I think the human female trying to walk on four legs and not being able to talk was the winner.

After all, Lola was very intelligent and even if she awoke alongside her human father, and had quite a different body, she seemed to grasp what had happened much more quickly and get to the most important thing first...having as many dog biscuits as she wanted for breakfast...

Mommy's husband was not too thrilled with the available food though...

"Thank Dog it’s Friday" is the story of the strangest experience Lola ever had!

But then there is "Pugnacious" who is not quite happy when she is called Pudgy, which happens to be her given name, declaring that she is not fat! Her person is quite nice, though, especially since she bakes dog cookies and has Pudgy as her first taster.

Pudgy won me over with her adventure story about saving the day when a dog and his owner visited the bakery and attempted a robbery. She didn't mind the green stuff that was demanded, but when all the cookies were to be bagged up as well, Pudgy knew she had to act quickly!

But I think my heart went to Jazzy, a Japanese Chin, who on her way (unwillingly) to the groomer for a haircut, decided to run for it...but wound up saving an old blind lady! Now you have to admit, that's the top tail, right?

Readers, this is the type of book you buy just to have it for those days when you want to pick up something to read to take your mind away from something unpleasant. You know those days, right? I promise that by the time you finish reading even one or all of the stories, you will be smiling and feeling better! What more could you ask!

But...please, don't tell any of my cats the book is here in my cabin...I lose more books to those cats' claws! Ahhh...just kidding... Bring some fun into your life with Dog Tails!

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