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Glenn Thater

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Creatures of all kinds came to claim Midgaard...

The Gateway:

The Harbinger of Doom Saga

By Glenn G. Thater

In olden days in the world of man called Midgaard in the kingdom of Lomion, there was a gathering... Lord Aradon Eotrus was missing. His oldest son, Brother Claradon Eotrus, a Caradonian Knight had pulled together a band to find him. But just as it had been when Lord Aradon had gone, when the night came, a great wailing began...and the mist would descend... for what came was not of this world...

No matter what, when you begin to read Thater, you will immediately see his expertise in writing Olde and Middle  English. In fact, for more than twenty-five years, Glenn G. Thater has written works of fiction and historical fiction focusing on the genres of heroic fantasy and sword and sorcery. The Gateway is first in his saga and certainly sets the stage for upcoming exciting adventurous battles! One thing I appreciated from this author was an extensive list of names, people, places and all things important for the Saga. It makes an easy reference and provides effective documentation and definition for the fantasy world that was created.

The Gateway: (Harbinger of Doom)

And so it was, that on the first day Claradon's men reached a dark barren circle and they began to search for his father and his men.

Nothing was found except a number of gold coins...

But when the night came, the wailing began...and the mist descended.

However, the men were ready. Each man had been provided a magical sword or dagger and they drew together row after row and started forward!

Until they came to a huge dark building--a building that had not been there during the day!

And they also found remnants of Lord Aradon, but no man lived or was even left of their bodies...

But this group had prepared, bringing magical weapons as well as those men or creatures that could use magic against the enemy, for surely the enemy came from none other than the realm of the chaos lords! And when they did, they were grotesque, loathsome creatures that immediately began to tear the soldiers apart...

Two men stood out in the ensuing battle: Sir Gabriel Garn, House Weapons Master and close friend and mentor to Claradon, and Lord Angle Theta, a knight-errant and nobleman from a far-off land. In fact, he was a stranger to most and was not fully appreciated as a peer--until he began to share his great magic and slice through the creatures like butter...

In the constant fight between good and evil, The Gateway takes you into one both mystical and bloody. Be prepared, ye readers, lest you be attacked by one of the creatures coming through to Midgaard... Thater writes with a realism like no other; fantasy lovers of sword and sorcery--check out this short first battle and be ready for the entire saga awaiting you!

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