Monday, May 16, 2011

Start Children Drawing - Introduce Them to Stew!

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God Bless You, Stew
Just Line Around

Kinsy McVay

"A great way to teach young, creative minds one of the most basic, yet important elements of art and design while emphasizing the importance of positive self-esteem." (Intro) What's amazing about this book is that, in my opinion, the author has done just what he set out to do! Just Line Around...

First the play on words for the title is great. So while you're spending time with your child, why not introduce him to Stew. Stew is a line--a straight line____________________________. Yes, that kind of a line. Stew was just fine being a line____________________________________, until, one day,
Just Line Around
He hiccuped!

When I saw the above sample of lines I immediately thought that Stew Sneezed? What do you think?

The simplicity of this book is what makes it so exceptional. The concept of starting with just a line and moving, bumping, hopping, with that line, surely will be an easily accepted concept by which young children will begin to see...the potential...

How Cool is That?!

The book goes through a number of graphic line "glitches" but then goes on to draw a tree and even a masterpiece. 

Stew even swirled around and around...until he was probably dizzy!

For somebody who has absolutely no talent, except maybe to draw stick figures,  I could see quickly that by starting with just Stew as he...drew... was a delightful way to develop creativity and solidify imagination. 

Since I spent quite a lengthy period of my life in facilities management with lots of line drawings, it was quite natural for me to realize that Just Line Around could even lead to professional careers--engineering, graphic arts, architects! 

Certainly, if your child has shown an interest in any type of artistic endeavors you will see the potential impact of their meeting Stew!

Highly recommended for consideration by the right parents! You'll know who you are just by spending creative play time with your children.

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