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Review: Puzzle Lover Alert! If You Love Puzzles Check This Out!

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The Quest for the Prize, Vol. 2
The Replenishment

By Keith Dyne

Puzzle Lover Alert! Keith Dyne is back with Volume 2, with new rhymes and puzzles for you to solve:

At first I'd thought it was just not right
Then caught on--and what a fright!
Though The Good Lord Was Now Replenished
The Prize itself was needed for the finish!
But The Good Lord, nor Guardians knew
That The Prize was the Key to be Used
So as had been done before, the Prize was now lost
To anyone Who could not solve the puzzles at all cost!
Now if you can guess what my little poem means,
you will have solved a puzzle just from me!

You who have not yet read Keith Dyne will wonder what my silly poem means...but you see, rhymes and puzzles is what The Quest for the Prize is all about! You must be able to learn what rhymes mean and solve puzzles...well, maybe not totally, but being able to, will increase your fun and enjoyment of the book. (And if you can solve my puzzle after you read the book, comment on my blog with the answer, and I'll send you another book!)

The Replenishment is Volume 2 of The Quest for the Prize. In Book 1, our small group was working hard toward the Quest. Two of the guardians had been killed and Jeremy Dumbarton was "a person of interest" in the murders. Fortunately, Inspector T. Jones had some hesitation about Dumbarton, because Sergeant Williams wanted to hunt him down and bring him in. That's just where the new book begins! The murders are still open cases...

Today is Jerry's birthday so Jules and Pete, his friends who have been helping him with the puzzles, are celebrating.

The Evil Lord had been seriously hurt in the battle for the Prize, but a secret potion was helping him regain his strength much faster than everybody assumed and there were some stirrings beginning to spread that he was ready to begin the fight again!

But it was time for The Replenishment and preparations were being made. It was to be held at a famous site of magic and because it was so well known, it had to be at a time when absolute secrecy was possible. So the guardians were spread throughout the stones and there in the center The present Good Lord called forth those who had been before. (Can you guess where the ceremony occurred?)

The Heavens opened up and the earlier Good Lords all were there, watching from on high. Jeremy held The Prize and the sacred ritual took place! Jeremy was immediately The new Good Lord, and Jules and Pete were named as Guardians along with two others. Jeremy's first act was to ask Pete to perform his first important assignment. Although he succeeded, he was killed during his work! 

While Jeremy began his new duties immediately, everybody soon realized that he seemed to be losing his strength, his power...What was wrong? Was Jeremy not really the chosen one? Or was it just because his best friend had been killed and Jeremy was mourning?

No matter why, something had to change because the Evil Lord was back! And the police were also, since that secret ritual had been observed from afar and the lightning and noises were reported! Jeremy was once again being looked at for murder...

Now here is an important clue! Check out the web site:
There you can find additional clues to help you!

I must admit I enjoyed the second book more than the first because I knew what to expect! Keith Dyne has written a series of books that can easily stand on their own, but adding rhymes, puzzles and games to tease and draw readers into an overall game that merges with his online site makes the books so much more! What Fun!

You know who you are--puzzle lovers of all ages will want to get involved and help ensure that Jeremy Dumbarton will reign! Highly recommended! The site is set up so you must choose which book you are if you haven't read Volume 1, I recommend you start there and work your way through the first set of puzzles because the next set, I believe, are even harder! Enjoy!

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The Quest for the Prize Vol. 2: The Replenishment
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