Friday, January 21, 2011

So You Think You've Written A Book...

Then I invite you to The Writer's Craft Box at

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Then see what

Writer, editor, and writing coach, Noelle Sterne 

has to say!


by Noelle Sterne­
You’ve made it real, that sprout of an idea you had way back there. You’ve forced yourself to sit at your desk daily. You’ve nurtured, protected, and grown it despite the thickets of demanding duties, seesawing motivation, and self-censoring gales.

Let me take this opportunity to add a little bit from my standpoint...

Within the last month, I've had two books come in that were not really ready for publishing...

The first author I wrote to immediately said that no other reviewer had said anything to him about problems with his book. I returned a marked-up copy to him and he since has hired a professional editor to review his book. He then had to pay for it to be republished...

The second author in his cover letter indicated there was a major error, told me where it was,  and that he would be republishing. You guessed it; I found other issues and wrote to him, I will be returning his book soon...

Please note that when a major publisher sends me an advanced copy, I do not mark/proofread, but when I received a self-published book I do. Yes, I do this for my own credibility. I use the same cutoff point of 30 errors as is used by the review site where I formerly worked. To me, even 30 is too many, but in trying to be fair, we establish that maximum count.

However, the majority of writers to which I write are thrilled to receive my feedback. Authors do want to put out a great book! I want to help them... really shouldn't be your book reviewer who provides such feedback...Do yourself a this article! It may just save you money, even if you still self-publish!

Like Noelle, "Holding Sally’s book, I felt a sick hollow in my gut. And sadness. " when I receive a book, I feel so sad for the writer to whom I will soon have to give some bad news...

"I don't review books with more than 30 errors related to editing, grammar, spelling, formatting, etc."

Please read Noelle's article!


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