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Review: Twisted Webs Brings Web Series to New Level of Drama!

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Twisted Webs

By Darlene Quinn

Darlene Quinn is not only an excellent writer, she has created a special niche that she easily explores and fills to the fullest. She combines the life of professionals in the elite department store conglomerates with the individual lives of strong women who are part of the high-fashion, marketing and powerful, finance deals!

I admit that I love the female characters that Quinn creates. If you haven't met them yet, check out my review of her first book, Webs of Power. Each book easily stands alone; however, having read the first book when it came out, I was ready to move into the personal lives of the family when crisis hits...

Twisted WebsAs it did to the Taylor  family...

Ashleigh Taylor, wife of one of the high-powered men in the financial world has given birth to two beautiful identical girls. They are named Callie and Cassie, but Cassie is never to be called by her real name!

She is taken from the cradle in the hospital while Ashleigh sleeps and spirited away with absolutely no clues as to how and who took the little girl. Of course we see the drama of the family working through the investigation but months turn into years and there is no trace of Cassie.

Ashleigh prays that her daughter was taken by somebody who would love and care for her and is able to slowly begin to move forward.

The emphasis is on the family members caught in the terrible guilt of knowing where the child is, but having to choose whether to hurt their own family. Especially when the kidnapper is killed in an accident and the woman who becomes Cassie's mother does not know the truth of how the baby came to be hers. She had been told that a young girl who had gotten pregnant had given her up.

Most of the arrangements that had been made before the kidnapper was killed had proceeded. Erica had named the little girl Marnie and Mike, her husband's gay brother, was to live with them and help with the baby. In fact they had moved to New York and Erica had begun to be recognized as a designer as she worked for Viviana De Mornay. I'll just say that Viviana was the woman you loved to hate in the first book! You'll enjoy her just as much in this one!

Twisted Indeed!

I loved what happened! It takes a wonderful woman to create the strong, spirited and admirable women that appear in Darlene Quinn's books. Ashleigh Taylor is a woman each of us wishes we were--and sometimes are. Would we face tragedy and loss as she did?

And what about Erica? What would you do if you found out your daughter had been taken from her real mother?

This web is so intertwined that if you tear one part, you may destroy the entire structure of that beautiful Web! Drama at its finest!

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G. A. Bixler

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